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If you’re already a Zulily shopper, you might not be taking advantage of one of the coolest deals offered to all Zulily members: Zulily Smart-Pay.

Zulily Smart-Pay offers a pain-free way to break up your Zulily purchases into two payments called “Smart-Pays.” And it does this without adding a dime of interest like you’d get with a credit card.

Not a Zulily member yet? Just provide your name and email address to sign up and start saving up to 80% on beauty items, home goods, electronics, and fashion for your whole family.

Then go ahead and bask in all your Zuiliy Smart-Pay glory with interest-free payments on every brand you can’t afford to miss.


1. Smart-Pay splits your Zulily purchase into two payments with no added interest.

zulily checkout with smart pay split payment options circled

Like many of us on a budget, you may be tempted to delete half the items in your Zulily cart once you see the total cost. But once Zulily items run out, they don’t really come back. So if you remove an item from your cart, there’s a good chance it’ll be gone by the time you come back.

But with Zulily’s Smart-Pay feature, you can pay half your total now and the other half 30 days later. And they don’t add a penny of interest to your purchase price.

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2. Use Zulily Smart-Pay for free without applying for anything extra.

Yes, you have to be a Zulily member to use their Smart-Pay program. But you also have to be a member to access any Zulily sales. So you’re not really signing up for anything extra.

Zulily’s Smart-Pay option doesn’t have fees, and you certainly don’t have to apply for any new credit cards to use it.

Just select the Smart-Pay option at checkout to make two interest-free payments instead of one. You’ll use your regular debit or credit card to check out.


3. Expect two charges on your credit or debit card within 30 days.

When you make a purchase using Zulily’s Smart-Pay option, your first payment will get charged to your debit or credit card within five days.

Your second payment will automatically get charged to the same account 30 days later.


4. Or break your purchase into three payments with credit cards from Zulily, QVC, or HSN.

zulily credit card application details with smart pay split payment feature circled
If you use a credit card from Zulily, QVC, or HSN, you can break your purchase into three separate payments (instead of two). This makes the payments even smaller. Just select the Smart-Pay option when checking out with one of these credit cards and you’ll see the option for three payments.

But remember: Zulily’s credit card is the real thing, with over 30% APR. So breaking that purchase into three payments using your Zulily credit card will add significant interest to your purchase price (just being honest).

TIP: To avoid adding additional credit card interest, just use your regular debit or credit card with the Smart-Pay option at checkout.


5. Don’t use prepaid cards if you want to use Zulily Smart-Pay.

Prepaid debit cards aren’t allowed as payment with the Smart-Pay option, so don’t even bother.

Instead, plan to use a regular debit or credit card.

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6. Look for taxes and shipping fees to come out of the first payment.

Don’t panic if your first Smart-Pay payment is higher than your second.

The first payment will include both taxes and shipping fees, so it will be a little higher than the second installment.


7. Check for the blue bar on a product page to ensure your purchase is eligible.

zulily site with dooney and bourke tote product and smart pay price circled

See a blue bar on your product page that includes the words Smart-Pay on it? Then you’re in luck.

The light blue Smart-Pay bar under the item’s price means you can use Zulily Smart-Pay during checkout.


8. Don’t try to use Smart-Pay to buy Zulily gift cards.

You can’t purchase Zulily gift cards using Zulily’s Smart-Pay option, so get ready to pay the full amount at checkout.


9. If you return stuff you bought with Smart-Pay, the installment payments will stop.

Need to return an item you purchased using Smart-Pay? Expect your payments to continue until Zulily confirms the return process is complete.

Considering most Zulily purchases take two to four weeks to arrive, it’s pretty likely that you’ll end up paying for something in full before you even get the chance to return it.

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10. To make four payments over six weeks, use the Zip app instead of Zulily Smart-Pay.

two zip app screenshots showing split payment plan options

If you don’t already have the free Zip app (iOS / Android), you should know it allows you to make four payments over six weeks to pay for a Zulily purchase.

Your first payment is just 25% of your total purchase price (instead of Smart-Pay’s 50%). The remaining Zip app payments come out two, four, and six weeks later. So if your total Zulily purchase came out to $115.96, Zip would let you make four payments of $28.99, while Smart-Pay would be two payments of $57.98.

Once you download the app, you’ll need to create a Zip account with your name, address, birthday, phone number, and payment method (debit or credit card).

Then find Zulily within the Zip app to start shopping and make your purchases.

Zulily Smart-Pay: How It Works When You Want to Splurge