Peanut butter is sooo tasty. I love it with jelly, with chocolate, in ice cream, on crackers, on bananas, or even all by itself. Suffice it to say "PB" is a pantry staple in my household, but recently I discovered that peanut butter is more than just (very) tasty. If you’re sitting on a stockpile of peanut butter, try out these other uses and save!

1. Freshen kitchen air

Fish is another one of my favorite foods, but I don't like the smell nearly as much as I like the taste.

  • What to do: After preparing stovetop fish, just put a tablespoon of peanut butter into your still-warm pan and let it do its work. The odor will be gone in no time.
  • Savings: Use PB, or spend $4.97 on Febreze (Walmart) and spend the evening spraying and re-spraying.

2. Get the gum out

Perhaps it’s the oil…it most certainly has to be the oil. But whatever it is, peanut butter is a miracle worker at getting gum off the soles of shoes, out of hair, off of the carpet, out of the underside of counters, and off of other places where gum just doesn't belong.

  • What to do: Work a bit of peanut butter into the gum-stuck area, then wipe away.
  • Savings: Use PB, or spend $4.97 on Goo Gone spray (Walmart).

Note: PB can work this same miracle with other gummy substances (glue, stickers, etc.) as well!

3. Get picky pets (and kids) to take their pills

Pills don't taste good for a reason—adults don't want kids and pets to develop a taste for them! But the bad taste can also make it hard to convince a picky pet or tot to take a necessary pill. Here, let peanut butter make the job easier.

  • What to do: Coat the pill in peanut buttertasty, right? It'll go right down and the pet or tot will never be the wiser.
  • Savings: Priceless—pills are now tasty and safe!

Note: By the way, just because you and I are all grown up doesn't mean we can't do this too!

4. Send pests packing

If you have a pest problem, peanut butter can put a stop to the invasion (but only use this remedy if you can keep pets and kids away from the mixture!).

  • What to do #1: Combine two parts peanut butter with one part borax and one-half part baking soda. Mix and place across the path of pests like ants. They will bite the dust pronto.
  • What to do #2: If you have trouble with bigger pests (A.K.A. critters) peanut butter works much better in traps than cheese—surprising but true!
  • What to do #3: Put the near-empty jar of peanut butter on its side near where you've seen creepy crawlies (roaches, spiders, fruit flies, etc.) They will crawl in…but won't be able to crawl out.
  • Savings: Use PB, or spend $4.47 on Raid House & Garden Bug Killer (Walmart).

5. De-bug your windshield

If you enjoy road trips, you may not enjoy so much scraping bug guts off your windshield post-trip. Luckily, peanut butter's natural goo-removing properties can come to your rescue.

  • What to do: Rub some peanut butter across your windshield, paying special attention to "extra tough" areas. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Use a soft cloth (or better yet, a high pressure hose) to wipe away both peanut butter and bug remains.
  • Savings: Use PB, or spend $3.81 on Bugs B Gone windshield spray (Amazon).

6. Seal up drippy cones

Summer is a fab time for that hot weather favorite—ice cream cones. But it's no fun when a cone springs a leak post-scoop!

  • What to do: To stave off this disaster, place a small blob of peanut butter into the point of the cone, then fill with ice cream as usual. No leaks!
  • Savings: No tears, no ruined summer memories, no pricey replacement cones—priceless!

7. Un-wax your auto upholstery

Short of paying a pro to painstakingly wax your auto's interior (and charge you for every second of their precious time to do it) you will always run the risk of getting wax on your upholstery, trim, or molding. Peanut butter can undo whatever the wax tries to do.

  • What to do: Rub on some peanut butter where the wax has dried on upholstery, trim, or molding. It will look just like new in no time.
  • Savings: Use PB, or spend $8.99 on Griot's Garage Dried-On Wax Remover (Amazon).

8. Get rid of hiccups

This isn't a sure-fire cure (nothing really is when it comes to getting rid of pesky hiccups), so you might as well try it—some say it really works!

  • What to do: Take a nice large spoonful of peanut butter and eat it—taking care to chew, chew, chew. As you alter your breathing to ingest this mouthful, your hiccups just might ease up as well.
  • Savings: Half an hour of noisy, painful hiccups!

9. Make the birdseed stick

Pine cone bird feeders are a childhood staple—and peanut butter is the "secret ingredient" that makes the memories possible!

  • What to do: Smear peanut butter onto a pine cone, then roll it in birdseed. The birds will love it (wouldn't you?).
  • Savings: Hours of wonderful play time as your kiddos discover the pleasure of feeding nature's creatures!
Save When You Put Your Peanut Butter Stockpile to Work with These 9 Tips!