Krazy Couponers shop nearly every day. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and supercenters are our go-to spots for just about everything we need and for building our stockpiles. Cashiers are the unsung heroes of frugal shoppers. Every transaction completed by a checker makes our purchasing experience efficient and rewarding.

As serious couponers, we know the layouts of our favorite stores like the back of our hand. We appreciate extended hours; early bird specials; and exclusive, members-only deals. We should also recognize the cashiers who pre-order our large quantity scores, write rain checks, manually key in our coupons when they don't scan, and cheer our fantastic savings efforts.

If you frequent the same stores day in and day out, you are inevitably waited on by the same employees. Have you taken the time to get to know them? Befriend them? Thank them?

Pro tip: Don't continue a cell phone conversation while you are checking out. It is disrespectful to stay on the call and expect the cashier to sort out your haul. Hang up, engage, and be in-the-moment. That call can wait a few minutes.

Here’s how getting to know store cashiers and managers will benefit your saving efforts:

  • You form an invaluable one-on-one relationship with the cashier.
  • You learn there is something more behind the name tag and friendly smile.
  • If you've overlooked a deal, noticed the shelf is empty, or need to perform multiple transactions, these friendly folks are your savings champions. They’ll remind you of an in-store sale; check the back for additional inventory; help you organize your transactions for the most effective use of coupons, Catalinas and loyalty card rewards; and write rain checks.
  •  I perform 99 percent of my weekly transactions with the same clerks and look forward to visiting with my friends at each store; that’s what they have become to me.
  • I give small ‘Thank You’ gifts that include a hand lotion or candle received through a free deal, coupled with a gift card for lunch at a nearby restaurant or café. This small display of gratitude goes so much farther than the ribbon and free lunch. It is an investment that yields trusted relationships with the stores and employees where I spend my hard-earned money.
Giving Thanks: Show Cashiers Appreciation