2013 is predicted to bring fiscal cliffs, solar flares and increased grocery prices. While we don’t have the anecdote for the former two, we can provide some tips to assuage fears about higher grocery bills! The department of agriculture predicts a 5% increase in food prices in 2013. Given the average grocery budget for a family of four ($236.60 per week), this 5% translates to an additional $615 annually.

Saving $615 is great, but we’ll do you even better and promise savings of at least $200 each month if you follow these quick tips. You won’t be spending hours upon hours like the extreme couponers on television. The only thing extreme here will be the savings.

Extreme Couponing in 2013

  1. Set aside 30 minutes per week for couponing, and plan to save $200 per month on your overall household grocery bills. ($200 savings calculated off of regular retail price.)
  2. Start saving your Sunday coupon inserts. Pick up a file box or, better yet, any cardboard box, and create a filing system where you can organize coupon inserts by date. Simply file all coupon inserts from Sunday, January 6th in one folder; Sunday, January 13th in another file folder; etc. Don’t clip any coupons yet.
  3. Visit TheKrazyCouponLady beginner page and read our series on How to Become a Krazy Coupon Lady in Ten Days. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and watch the Extreme Couponing Tips playlist. Or, if you prefer a portable, comprehensive how-to guide, consider purchasing a copy of our book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey.
  4. Visit TheKrazyCouponLady.com daily, or sign up for the daily emails and follow on facebook. Be especially vigilant about visiting on Sundays and Wednesdays, the first day of the new sale week.

Soon you’ll be saving over 50% on toiletries and household staples like cereal, yogurt and pasta. We hope you’ll consider spending your year with us at TheKrazyCouponLady. We’re expanding our store coverage with over 20 new store locations around the country, releasing a new savings app, and bringing you new tip videos each week. Resolve to change your habits and shop smarter this year!


How to Save on Groceries in 2013