Between +Up Rewards that roll and don’t conflict with coupons, about a hundred Single Check Rebates each month, and the ability to triple stack coupons using the Video Values program, it’s fair to say Rite Aid is a great place to shop for frugal-minded couponers.

Now you can have a say in the kinds of +Up Rewards Rite Aid offers each week.

There is currently no way to select their offers in advance, but Rite Aid has created a site for shoppers to rate each week’s rewards. Consumers can help inform Rite Aid executives which deals are worth repeat offers and which should probably be dumped.

You don’t have to sign in to your Wellness + account, so if you have multiple computers you can rate from each one. Visit the site, and start influencing the deals we all want and need.

This has been a guest post by Chazona from Norfolk, VA
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Influence the Selection of Rite Aid's +Up Rewards!