I was constantly seeing posts that begin with “ISO.” At first I thought this was a new product, until a kind couponer explained it meant “in search of.” Thus began my quest for coupons. My problem: by the time I received the coupons I was in search of, the right sale was over and the coupons would expire before the next sale cycle! Frustrated and krazy for great deals, I was determined to find more coupons and fast. That’s when I found online printable coupons!

I fell in love at once! I had wonderful coupons at my disposal, fresh off the printer. The ink hadn’t even dried before I began clipping, but my bliss was short-lived when it became apparent that I could only print TWO coupons. Now, some may say “Be happy with two!” But every hardcore couponer knows that when there is a super deal out there, maximizing your quantity is a MUST!

The exciting part: One day I discovered how I could get past this limit of 2.

This particular deal was on Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. The store was running a 2/$3.00 sale and I needed 8 cans. The printable coupon was $0.75/2, and seeing as my store doubles coupons, I would get $1.50/2, making each can $0.75! The store was also running a special where, if you bought 10 qualifying items, you would get an additional $0.50 off EACH item. This made each can $0.25! I had a similar coupon for Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, so I had no problem reaching my 10 items, but I needed TWO more coupons for those Crescent Rolls!

While looking through the Target coupons I had just printed, I saw something that made my adrenaline flow like the day I met my fiance! I think I would have passed out if I hadn’t been sitting down. Mixed in with the Target coupons were manufacturer coupons…the same $0.75/2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls that I had just printed TWO of. I quickly hit the print button, and now there were THREE!

But the Diva of Deals in me had to take it to the next level. I went back into the Target q-bank and pushed print again. My heart was racing as I went to the printer…could this be true? Was it possible that I had found a way to print FOUR of the same coupons? Lo and behold, it printed! I did it! I clipped those coupons and raced out the door to my deal destination!

Thinking this was a glitch, I tried this same strategy on January 1st. To my delight, I was again able to print two like coupons from my online site, and two of the same manufacturer coupons from the Target site, making a total of four like manufacturer printable coupons. This time it was four $1.00/2 Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios.

I have seen recent posts asking how you can tell a manufacturer coupon from a Target coupon before printing them. To my knowledge, there is no way. You just have to “clip” and print, and see what you get. Thank goodness for KCL! The KCL printable coupon database tells you whether the target.com coupons are manufacturer or not.  If it’s a target store coupon, the database states, ‘target coupon.’  All other coupons on the database are manufacturer coupons unless otherwise noted.

I have seen some couponers upset that Target sneaks in manufacturer coupons. This motivated me to share my secret! I want everyone to know that printing these coupons does not go against your limit of two from other sites. Happy couponing!

This has been a guest post by Robin from Stoughton, MA
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