Ho hum. Here I go to the stockpile to use the same brand for months at a time. Can’t waste anything, so I have to use all this cleaner before I can try a fun new brand.

Knock it off, Miss Boring! Variety is the spice life!

Try new coupons. Try new flavors. Try new scents, varieties, colors and styles.

It is far, far better to switch between pesto, marinara and bolognese than always have plain old tomato sauce! The same holds true for shampoo, chewing gum, pot scrubbers and dryer sheets.

Remember, build a stockpile slowly. Add a handful of extra items a week. Most products, including personal care items, have expiration dates. Stock up only what you will use before the expiration date!

Same Old, Same Old: Shake Up the Stockpile to Keep Life Interesting