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I love anything that I can repurpose. One of those valuable items is the plastic newspaper sleeve that accompanies my morning paper. These sleeves are sturdy enough to hold my Sunday paper, so why not use them in my everyday activities? I roll them up and slip them in my pocket or purse and I’m ready to go. The great thing about these bags is that they’re smaller, requiring less storage space than Walmart grocery bags, and the narrow shape allows for more innovative uses.

Here are my top 8 alternative uses for recycling your plastic newspaper sleeves!

1. Store shoes in your suitcase when traveling

If you tend to exercise on vacation, those sweaty athletic shoes are sure to be in your suitcase when you travel. Use the newspaper plastic sleeve to store your stinky shoes when traveling. The rest of your attire will thank you! This also works well for muddy or wet shoes.

2. Secure a wet umbrella

I always toss my wet umbrella on the floorboard of my car during a rainstorm, and inevitably my coupon bag gets wet. Keep several newspaper sleeves in your car to secure that wet umbrella and protect your car from getting wet!

3. Cover a cast

A newspaper sleeve is the perfect size to pull over a cast when you’re getting a shower or bath. Tuck the ends into the cast and you’ve got a great watertight seal to protect your cast!

4. Store a stinky diaper

No trip to the store or running errands is complete without a stinky diaper stop. The newspaper bag is perfect for securing a dirty diaper until you get to the trash can at your next stop.

5. The perfect pooper-scooper

My dog doesn’t have great manners when doing his business during our daily walk, so instead of a thin plastic grocery bag, I keep a plastic newspaper sleeve in my pocket. If he has business to do—I have the perfect “grab and bag” system!

6. Preserve your kites

The shape of the newspaper sleeve is perfect for a long, slender object. Wrap your kite in the plastic sleeve when you’re not using it—this will protect it from dust, water damage, or the general wear and tear of sitting out in the open.

7. Store your homemade bread

I’ve got a bread machine that makes wonderful sourdough bread for the family. I also love to make banana bread for breakfast. A newspaper sleeve is the perfect size for storing your homemade loaf of bread. I wrap my bread in a paper towel prior to placing it in the plastic bag.

8. Make your own popcorn bags

Make movie night a delight for the kiddos by making popcorn bags tied with bright ribbon. The kids will think they’re in the theater getting a special treat! The newspaper sleeve size is the perfect shape for little hands to hold!

8 Innovative Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Newspaper Sleeves