I know a lot of people think that WD-40 is just for the man of the house, but there are a lot of uses for everyone in your household. WD-40 can be used on the following surfaces: wood, plastic, metal and rubber. Avoid using on polycarbonate and/or clear polystyrene plastic. Ultimately, one can of WD-40 will save you tons of money since you’ll be using one product instead of multiple solutions. Here are my top 8 favorite uses that will make household upkeep and cleaning easier than ever:

1. Prep your bathroom with WD-40.

WD-40 keeps the bathroom mirror from fogging during your shower and keeps shower doors free from water spots. Prepping these areas lowers your cleaning costs!

2. When life throws you messes…

Get rid of them with WD-40! I’ve yet to have a child that does not draw on my walls or furniture at some point in their young lives. Thanks to WD-40, I don’t have to fret over the mess for very long. It removes crayon marks from floors and walls. It removes silly putty from furniture, and cleans newspaper ink from tables. If my kids ever decide to duct tape their “artwork” to a wall again I can thankfully remove the tape marks from the walls. WD-40 saves me a lot of time and energy because even after all of the messes life may throw me, I know that at least I won’t have to repaint my dining room again!

3. Chalkboard paint debris…

Chalkboard paint has become increasingly popular on our household items. I’ve got chalkboard paint labels on my coffee and flour canisters, but after a while they start to get too chalky and unreadable. Luckily, WD-40 restores and cleans chalkboards! Now I can actually read my labels!

4. Have a stuck zipper or knotted necklace?

WD-40 untangles necklaces and will loosen sticky zippers. How many necklaces have you had to take to the jewelry store or discard because you couldn’t undo the knots in them? Or have you thrown out clothing because the zipper didn’t work? WD-40 can help you maintain these personal items.

5. Musical instruments could use a little love too!

Both of my kids play instruments, and yes, even WD-40 comes in handy here. You can use WD-40 on piano keys and guitar strings! Fixing an instrument at home will save you a lot of money in the long run! Instruments get expensive, but fixing them doesn’t always have to be.

6. Super glue can be removed?

Yes, it can! With as much super glue as I use around the house, that one can of WD-40 can really be a lifesaver. I hate getting super glue stuck to my fingers, and it’s even worse if my kids get into it! With a little will power, WD-40 can help remove even the stickiest situations.

7. No more ironing worries!

You know that black tar-like stuff that accumulates on the bottom of your iron over time? If you don’t find a way to clean it, or get a new iron altogether, it will inevitably ruin your favorite shirt. However, WD-40 easily cleans the bottom plate of the iron. No more scrubbing with harmful chemicals and no more ruined clothes!

8. Coffee stains, be gone!

Nearly everyone has their favorite coffee cup, but over time the inside becomes stained and gross. Thankfully, WD-40 can remove coffee stains from ceramics and various surfaces like tile and leather. More importantly, your favorite coffee cup will look brand new!


8 Little-Known Uses for WD-40