Your blow dryer isn’t just a regular hair styling appliance — it’s a powerful household tool that’s about to become your new BFF.

1. Add gloss to cake frosting.

Turn your blow dryer on the low setting and slowly blow the warm air over the cake’s frosting (about 6 inches away) to make the sugar “sweat,” adding a professional finish and shine.


2. Transfer homemade designs to a candle.

Draw a design onto tissue paper with permanent marker. Then, cut around your design to get rid of the extra paper. Place your image on a candle and cover it with wax paper.

Aim your blow dryer on the image for a few minutes until the wax paper melts. Carefully remove the wax paper and admire your handiwork!


3. Stretch a pair of tight shoes.

Wear thick socks and aim the heat at the tight area.


4. Peel off sticky labels easily.

This also works to remove bumper stickers and contact paper.


5. Remove crayon from walls.

Turn your blow dryer onto its warm setting, and aim the heat onto the crayon. Once the wax softens, wipe away the crayon with a damp cloth.


6. Dry your loofah off before packing it away on a trip.

While you’re at it, blow dry your toothbrush as well.


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7. Get wax off furniture.

Once you’ve heated the wax, wipe it off with a damp cloth.


8. Get curlier eyelashes.

Just make sure to test the temperature of your heated eyelash curler before applying.


9. Peel off Band-Aids painlessly.



10. Defrost frozen pipes.


11. Remove wrinkles from shower curtains and tablecloths.


12. Warm up sheets before bedtime.




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12 Brilliant Blow Dryer Tricks Everyone Should Know