I seem to have a dozen or more dryer sheet boxes stacked in my stockpile and laundry room. Although they help freshen up clothing and reduce static in the dryer, there are many ways to use dryer sheets outside of the laundry room, as well.







1. Air Freshener

Dryer sheets don't just make clothes smell spring fresh, they can freshen up the air too! Just tape or hook a dryer sheet to the front of a floor fan and turn it on. I also like to put a dryer sheet in my vacuum bag every time I change it. Not only does it help deodorize the inside of the vacuum, it makes my house smell amazing.

2. Pet Hair Remover

Tired of getting cat hair all over your furniture or work pants? Simply rub a dryer sheet over the upholstery or fabric to loosen and pull up pet hair.

3. Hair De-static Remedy

It seems like it always happens in the middle of the day — no matter how much anti-frizz cream I've put in my hair, it decides to go haywire. To smooth away frizzy flyaways, gently rub a dryer sheet over your hair. It might sound kind of weird, but it works like magic, especially in a pinch!

4. Tackle Static Cling

If your dress or pants ride up — or cling to your pantyhose or socks — just rub a dryer sheet on your stockings or legs. This helps reduce static cling so they won't stick or ride up anymore.

5. Freshen up Smelly Furniture

To deodorize smelly furniture, I like to dissolve a teaspoon or two of baking soda in a cup of water. I dip the dryer sheet into the baking soda water and gently scrub my stinky furniture. After allowing it to dry completely, I vacuum the baking soda from the upholstery.

6. Ditch the Deodorant Stains

No matter how careful I am when applying it, I always seem to get deodorant on my shirt or dress. Rather than changing my clothes, I use a dryer sheet to wipe away those embarrassing white deodorant smears.

7. Dryer Lint Filter Cleaner

Rather than tediously picking at the screen to remove all the lint from my dryer filter, I just use an old dryer sheet. The lint comes off easily with just one or two swipes. Just be sure that you use a used dryer sheet — fresh ones can leave behind a residue that might eventually clog the filter screen.

7 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets