I had the best laugh recently when a friend of mine used a piece of white chalk to mark the driveway as a stopping point for kids riding their bikes! Cross the chalk line and you’re in big trouble. It was a genius idea, and cheap! That got me thinking. What else can I do with my kids’ leftover chalk that will help me save money and time? Here’s what I found out!

1. Keep your closet smelling fresh

Does anybody remember Aunt Sally’s smelly coat? I do, and it reeked of mothballs! A much easier way to keep your closet fresh is to use chalk. Because your closet door is typically closed, air can’t circulate. Placing chalk inside your closet will help absorb any musty odors!

2. Stabilize a screw

My husband has been trying to teach me how to do simple repairs at home like tightening light fixture screws. I used to have the hardest time keeping the screwdriver from slipping out of the screw. Now, I just rub a bit of chalk over the end of the screwdriver to prevent slippage.

3. Keep ants at a distance

Did you know that an ant will not cross a line of chalk? Use chalk to draw lines around places where ants may enter your home like near windowsills and doors. No more expensive ant sprays needed!

4. Remove fabric stains

I’m a stickler for purchasing Shout when I have a coupon. So if my stockpile is getting low, having chalk on hand works great as a stain remover. Chalk absorbs the oil in a stain and makes the stain easier to remove. Rub around the neck of your shirt’s makeup- or sweat-stained collar and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash as normal and feel fresh.

5. Keep silver shining

Saving time is sometimes just as important as saving money. Who wants to spend time polishing silver? Not me! Instead, I’ll wrap chalk in a cheesecloth and place it next to my silver in a drawer. Chalk absorbs the extra moisture lingering in your silver drawer and eliminates tarnish.

6. Cover ceiling water stains

We recently had a huge storm in our area and it damaged the roof of our home. It also caused two ugly, brown water stains to form on our living room ceiling. We’ve discussed painting the ceiling or spraying it with Kilz to make it less glaring in a few months. In the meantime, we’ve used chalk to cover the stain and now my ceiling looks presentable while I save the money to have it painted.

7. Prevent rust

My husband has a toolbox that has seen the best of its days. A great way to prevent tools from rusting in a toolbox is to spread some of those broken pieces of chalk throughout the box. Now your expensive tools will last!

8. Prevent keys from sticking

I’m always in a hurry, so I tend to get frustrated when I have to jiggle my key in and out of the doorknob to get it open. Ever since I discovered that dirt and grime will stick to chalk, I haven’t had a problem. Simply take a piece of chalk, rub it along the edge and tip of your key, and slide in and out of the lock several times. What a great alternative to having to purchase a new lock or key!


8 Awesome Alternative Uses for Chalk