We’ve all had it happen – two socks go into the dryer, yet somehow only one comes out. You look on the stairs to see if you dropped one, check in the agitator, double check the hamper — but nope, no sock. Maybe the dryer ate one, or perhaps it disappeared into another dimension! No matter how it happened, if you’ve ended up with a pile of mismatched socks, don’t throw them away! There are actually some very cool and useful things that you can do with those socks. Here are 10 clever ways to make those onesies come in handy:


1. Moisturize dry hands

I was shopping at Sephora not too long ago and came across a kit for moisturizing dry hands. The kit included a moisturizer along with a pair of soft gloves and had a pricetag of over $35 – yikes! Instead of spending that much for a special pair of gloves, try using your old onesie socks. Simply slather your hands with your favorite moisturizer (Vaseline works, too), slip the socks on and let the moisturizer work its magic while you sleep! When you wake up, rinse your hands with a light scrub, and voila – super soft hands!

2. Make pet toys

Pet toys can be really expensive. Last time I went to purchase a new tug toy for my dog, I found many were priced upwards of $10! Instead, I decided to try making my own — and my dog absolutely loved it! All I did was fill a sock with some old fabric and tied the ends, and I had a great tug-of-war toy for my dog! You could also put a tennis ball in the sock instead of fabric. Another option is to braid several old socks for a great rope-like toy. For a cat, just add a small amount of catnip and tie the end of the sock with a string. You’ll have an instant pet toy for a fraction of the price that you would pay at a big pet store!

3. Make reusable Swiffer pads

I love my Swiffer, but I hate buying pads for it – particularly if I don’t have any coupons for them! And I go through so many, it seems rather wasteful. The fact is, a piece of fabric (such as a sock!) works great and can save you a bundle! To make your reusable Swiffer pad, cut a slit in the center of the sock and slip the Swiffer inside. If your Swiffer is a WetJet, add another slit where each spray jet is located. Now you can throw those pads in the washing machine instead of the trash!

4. Pack Christmas ornaments and other fragile items

I always throw away the boxes that my Christmas ornaments come in and, inevitably, right after the holidays I’m always scrounging for something to pack the breakable ornaments in. Instead of buying tissue paper or begging neighbors for leftover newspapers, grab that stash of socks! Not only are they the perfect size for most ornaments, but they will protect them better than paper. Socks are also great for packing and protecting other fragile items, such as barware and knick-knacks.

5. Travel shoe and jewelry protectors

Have you ever been getting ready for a trip and wondered how to pack your shoes so that they don’t end up getting dirt or grime on your neatly packed clothing? That’s right…socks! Socks are a great way to protect your shoes from the wear and tear of traveling as well as protect the other items in your suitcase. Just slide your shoes into each sock and you’ve got yourself a great shoe protector. You can also use them to pack your jewelry in to keep it safe while traveling.

6. Create a draft stopper for doors and windows

Here is a great tip if you have a window or door that has a draft coming in. Simply fill a couple of orphan socks with a filling and insert the open end of one sock over the other sock. I have actually made one of these and it worked wonders on my drafty door! I used both batting and rice in mine to make it soft yet heavy enough that it wouldn’t blow away, but you could also use beans or sand. I’ve even seen some made with popcorn kernels! What’s great about this trick is that it isn’t just a fun use for an old sock – it can actually save you some serious cash on your electric bill!

7. Clean hard to reach places

This is a cool trick that I discovered not too long ago that I now use all the time: place those old socks on the end of a broom handle and use it to clean places like underneath the fridge or those hard to reach nooks and crannies. I have to admit, I was pretty grossed out the first time I used this tip to clean under my fridge, but now I can’t get enough of it and I’m constantly cleaning under there!

8. Hide valuables in your sock drawer

Many people hide valuables in their sock drawer thinking that would-be thieves would never look in there, but I’m willing to bet that many do. However, considering most thieves are probably in a bit of a time crunch, they are certainly not going to take the time to look inside each sock — that’s what makes this the perfect hiding spot! Place small items such as jewelry, coins or other valuables in the socks and hide them in the midst of all of the other socks. Your valuables will be hiding in plain sight and chances are, if you ever do get robbed, you’ll trick those lousy thieves!

8 Surprising Uses for Orphan Socks