Sometimes I see a totally innovative idea and I wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” So I jot it down and go home and try it, and then I come here and share it with you!

While browsing at my local thrift shop, I noticed the manager had a unique way of keeping her computer cords organized. Because it is a church-sponsored thrift shop and runs on a very tight budget, the folks here find amazing ways to make their dime go far! This idea was a prime example of their ability to stretch a dollar. Instead of purchasing Command brand cord organizers for as much as $6.99 a package, the manager took a few simple-yet-sturdy binder clips to get the job done.

Binder clips are ideal for this task because of their sturdy construction. The design allows them to clamp onto desk tops and keep all of those pesky cords in line! I think it is a brilliant bit of repurposing.

So gather those tangled charger cables and connecting cords and find a handful of binder clips. They seem to always be cluttering up a drawer in my house. If you don’t have some lurking in your junk drawers or home office, you can typically purchase some at most retail stores for less than $2. Simply clamp the clips in a row onto the side of your desk or workspace. The number of clips you clamp on will depend on the number of cords you need to organize. Then, simply thread the cords through the silver metal portion of the clip.

The little clips are safe to use with electronics, sturdy, and–above all–inexpensive! They are a simple solution to a big problem. So say “No” to expensive office organizers, and instead say “Why didn’t I think of that?” and run for those binder clips!

Clip Tangled Cords in the Bud with This Easy DIY Solution!