If you look around your home, chances are you will find these three things: a toilet paper roll, a cassette tape holder, and a bread bag tie. Right? And while your first instinct might be to toss these items into the trash can, wait! These simple items are genius + easy = solutions to everyday organizational problems!

Who knew your garbage could be so helpful? Take a peak at some of the useful ways you can give these items a second life and save them from the landfill!

Toilet Paper Rolls:

  • Take an empty cardboard toilet paper roll and loop your extension cords through them. The narrow tube will store them tight and snug and will keep them from becoming a tangled mess. You can even label the rolls if you wish with the footage of each cord or for what room you tend to use it. Feel free to make a slice at one end to tuck the cord in securely. This will also work with Christmas tree lights.

Plastic Cassette Tape Holders:

  • While I have not listened to a cassette tape in years, I still have these cases all over my house! These cases are perfect for storing small chargers or ear buds. The strong plastic cases will keep the items from being crushed and will also protect from some moisture and water. Just open the case and tuck the devices into the side pockets. Snap closed and you are ready to go! Next time you travel, why not try this idea? Also, this keeps the drawer from becoming a tangled mess.

Bread Bag Ties

  • Bread bag ties (the small clip kind) are perfect for labeling your electrical cords. How many times have you gone to unplug something and found yourself staring at four or five cords you can’t identify? Next thing you know you are unplugging all the wrong cords! Instead, grab a handful of bread bag ties and use a Sharpie marker to label them, i.e. television, DVD, XBox, etc.

With great ideas such as these, you will never look at these items the same again. So next time you run across them, don’t pitch them–up-cycle them!


Thanks, Pinterest

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