The mighty tomato has become its own worst enemy. A report from shows that salsa is outpacing ketchup as the country’s best-selling condiment.

Poor ketchup. This all-American classic has been bumped from its long-standing top billing. How many fries must we eat to keep this condiment from fading away forever?

There’s no need to supersize your order to boost ketchup sales. It turns out this little guy has potential to be a household superstar! Most of us have a few bottles of ketchup stashed in our cabinets, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Instead of purchasing special products to perform the tasks below, grab a bottle of ketchup and rediscover why this troubled tomato is worth keeping around.

Surprising Uses for Ketchup

  1. Treat Chlorine Damaged Hair. Once fall arrives my hair is a hot mess. I highlight my hair in the summer, spend hours swimming in the neighborhood pool and take long bike rides on sunny days. But I’d rather not look like a troll doll with green, chlorine-damaged hair that is as dry as straw. There are many products that can help restore my color, but they can cost up to $10 a bottle (or even more). The tomato acid found in ketchup breaks down the chlorine, and it costs next to nothing (especially if you’ve already got a few bottles just sitting in the pantry!). Just rub a palmful of ketchup into your hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes. After rinsing it out, shampoo and condition hair.
  2. Shine Metal Pots and Pans. Pots and pans work hard to prepare our meals, and it’s a dirty job! Use that tomato acid to power through burns and stains, and avoid the cost of metal polish, which can cost $8 per container. Grab some of those ketchup packets stuffed in the kitchen junk drawer. Pour the ketchup into a small bowl and add a bit of salt, then use an old toothbrush to scrub away those stains, and polish those pots and pans for a like-new shine!
  3. Kid Fun. My four-year-old loves to paint. Because she goes through an entire tray of watercolors in one sitting, I had to improvise! At craft time, I squirted some ketchup onto a paper plate and let her paint with her fingers and paintbrush. Because it's food-based, it didn't matter if it got all over her or my kitchen table. I also make lunchtime fun by allowing her to paint her food with ketchup before she eats it. She is always more likely to eat her meal, even the dreaded green beans, if she is allowed to customize and play with it a little first.
  4. Jewelry Cleaner. Make old silver earrings sparkle and shine with help from that mighty acid from ketchup! Soak silver jewelry in a small bowl of ketchup for about 30 minutes. Remove and scrub with a toothbrush.

This is a guest post by Rose from Washington
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Killer Tomatoes: Four Krazy Uses for Ketchup