There are plenty of krazy and wacky ways to frugally clean your toilet bowl—anything to make it more exciting, right? Cola supposedly works well in a dirty bowl, but there’s just something unappealing about seeing dark, brown liquid sitting there, claiming that it’ll destroy stains. Gatorade, on the other hand, is refreshing in taste, smell, price and color. Plus, there always seems to be plenty of it around because of sick kiddos (and a thirsty husband). As we know, Gatorade replenishes and hydrates our bodies and surprisingly, it does the same for toilets. Strange, I know, but the citric acid removes stains from vitreous china and you won’t have to inhale those intense, cleaning-product fumes. Glacier Freeze Gatorade scented bathroom, anyone? Simply pour about two cups of Gatorade into your toilet bowl, let it sit for about an hour, brush, then flush.



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