Butter isn't just for making toast (or fried chicken) tastier anymore. Today's butter is a full-service center that can make life easier and help you save cash too. Since butter also freezes well (9-12 months frozen shelf life) it’s easy to stockpile some extra while the couponing is good. So whether you suddenly find yourself with the challenge of storing slightly more butter than you bargained for—or you’re just looking for a way to save funds you might otherwise have to spend on outside helps, check out these unusual things butter can do!

1. Make the squeaking stop

Have a squeaky hinge and the WD-40 can just hisses at you when you try to spray? No worries—break out the butter instead. All you need to do is work a bit of soft butter into the hinge area and voila! No more squeaking (and no need to spend $8-$10 on a new can of WD-40)!

2. Soften up your good leather

Whether it’s a treasured baseball glove you hope will last one more season, a scuffed up pair of work shoes, a briefcase that isn't quite up to par for that important interview, or a favorite purse or jacket you can't bear to part with, butter makes it look better and last longer. Rub some soft butter into your leather and let the proteins and amino acids ease scuffs and restore shine.

3. Swallow pills safely

Some people—especially kids and the elderly—can really struggle to swallow smaller pills. This can turn into a dangerous scenario where either the person doesn't want to take their medication, or the medication itself can cause choking. Butter can help. Coat the outside of each pill with a very thin film of butter (think "corn on the cob" to get the idea of what to do) and then swallow. The pill should go down like a charm!

4. Give your leftovers an extra day…or week

Butter can work as a natural preservative. For harder cheeses and onions in particular, coating the exterior with a thin film of butter can keep mold at bay (the butter seals the cut area against bacteria).

5. Save your pasta dinner

Pasta, eggs and other boiled foods can be quickly ruined if the pot boils over and you don't catch it in time (plus there's nothing like spending your day scraping hardened spaghetti or egg remains off your favorite pan). Add a little lump of butter into the water and it won't boil over—ever.

6. Get ink out of plastic

Whether your child decided to release her inner artist (courtesy of your new pen) all over her brother's plastic bat or you accidentally wrote the wrong label on your plastic coupon folder, butter can get that ink out in a jiffy. Work some soft butter into the stained area, then wait 15-20 minutes. Wipe away the ink.

7. De-goo and de-stink your skin and hair

Scared a skunk? Gutted a fish? Slept on old gum? Removed a label with an especially gummy backside? Butter can get the stink, the gunk and the junk out naturally (this also works great to remove those too-tight rings).

8. Sub in for your empty shaving cream 

Chins, legs, underarms and faces love butter. Butter isn’t only healing and restorative for skin (rub a bit into dry skin and see for yourself), but it’s a great substitute when you run out of shaving cream!

9. Serve sliceables with ease

Whether you’re faced with gooey cake or sticky pan brownies, coating your serving knife with butter helps you deliver perfect slices for every guest.

10. Work knots out of jewelry

Rather than spending your usual frustrating half hour attempting to untangle your favorite necklace from your favorite bracelet, dab on a bit of soft butter and use a tweezer or skewer to help you work the knots loose.

11. Ease skin irritation

Butter isn’t just restorative to skin, but it’s also a natural healer and protective agent too. For skin rashes (such as poison ivy) or itchy bug bites or stings, gently layer on some butter and allow it to ease your discomfort.

12. Help prevent bruises

Whether to skin or edibles, butter contains natural phosphates that can help keep sensitive surfaces from bruising.

13. Get the wax off

If you notice extra wax clinging to skin (or other surfaces) after your waxing session, butter can remove it painlessly. Rub on some butter, then just wash with soap and water.

14. Remove gunk from hoods (and trunks and windshields)

Nothing is more irritating than paying for a pro wash (or using your own elbow grease to detail your vehicle) only to come out and find it covered with tree sap, bird poop, or worse. Butter can get the gunk off—whatever it is—without harming the finish or the paint. Put a pat of soft butter on a soft cloth (like a microfiber or chamois) and lightly rub the soiled spot. Do a final soap and water wash and your vehicle will look fresh and clean again!

14 Ways to Save Cash and Time with the Help of Your Extra Butter!