Stockpiling detergent, toilet paper, and personal care items tends to be a priority if you’re a couponer, but what else should you be stockpiling? Here are 10 products that may surprise you….


1. Full-size candy bars

Full-size candy bars often go on sale (for like $0.25 each with coupons), and when they do, stock up — especially when you see prices like $0.35 or less per bar. Use your candy bar stockpile for gift giving or even better, be the cool neighbor who hands out full-size candy on Halloween.


2. Small appliances

I know, I know…you only need one toaster and one slow cooker — why would you buy more? Because they make excellent wedding and Christmas gifts, that’s why!

Plus, you can get them at extraordinary prices. We’re talkin’ $10 waffle and coffee makers at Macy’s and $180 blenders for only $30 at Kohl’s. When you stack rebates with coupon codes and store promos, you get prices so low, it’s worth it to stock up so you can save on gifts later on.

Find the best prices on Black Friday when Walmart, JCPenney, and more have doorbuster deals, and stay tuned to KCL Deals for hot savings throughout the year.


3. Fresh produce

The key to fresh produce savings is to stock up when fruits and veggies are in season. Read The Best Time to Buy Everything by Month of the Year, then stalk rebate apps like Ibotta, SavingStar, and Checkout 51 for cash-back offers that are good for any-brand fruits and veggies. Stack those weekly rebate offers with sale prices for the biggest discounts.

Make your stockpile last by freezing prepped veggies and fruits. First, slice washed vegetables and fruit, lay them out on a baking tray, and stick them in your freezer. Once individual slices are frozen, transfer the produce to a freezer bag, where they’ll stay good for up to 18 months. Get more details in The Ultimate How-to-Freeze Guide.


4. Milk

CVS is a great place to find gallons of milk for less than $2 when you combine Extrabucks promotions with coupons and sales. Stock up when you see prices this cheap and freeze for later.

Because milk expands in the freezer, just be sure to pour out an inch or two before freezing. When you’re ready to use it, just place your milk in the refrigerator to thaw, then shake before serving. Store milk up to two months in the freezer.


5. Vinegar

There are rarely any coupons for vinegar, so when you see a sale price on any brand, buy what you can store, because it’s one of Items That Never Go Bad.

Plus, it’s a powerful, all-natural liquid you definitely want around. From softening clothes and bathroom cleaning, to easing bug bites and whitening teeth, vinegar can do some pretty amazing things. Check out Weird Ways to Use Vinegar That You’ve Never Heard Before.


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6. Baking soda

Generic baking soda works just as well as the name-brand stuff (for more details, check out Name Brand vs. Generic Face Offs: Best and Worst Revealed) and is generally less than a buck. It’s one of the cheapest things to stockpile but is worth so much more than its price tag.

Like vinegar, baking soda is a powerhouse ingredient that can be used for baking, cleaning, and even beauty solutions. Once open, it’s only effective for 18 months if used for baking, but it’s good for a lot longer (pretty much forever) if you use it as a cleaning agent. Get rid of odors, boost laundry detergent effectiveness, brighten skin, and more.



7. Kleenex

The drugstores have excellent tissue deals often. For instance, Kleenex was on sale at Walgreens recently, and we used two rebate-app offers — one from Checkout 51 and one from MobiSave — to get each box for only $0.14! Now, that’s a steal!

Anytime you see prices less than $0.50 a box, grab a few and save them for classroom donations during back-to-school and flu season.


8. Toys

Target has two big toy sales a year: in mid-January and July. You’ll see markdowns start at 30% then go down to 90% a week or so later — but don’t count on a wide selection of 90%-off toys. The best stuff is gone by the 70% markdown. Check out Target’s unofficial markdown schedule here.

KCL will also post toy deals throughout the year, so keep your eyeballs peeled and run to the store when you see a good deal. Keeping a stockpile of toys is wise if you have and know kids. They’re great for birthday and Christmas gifts!


9. Baking supplies

The best deals on baking supplies come around Thanksgiving and Christmastime — prime baking season. That’s when you’ll find 4-lb bags of the best sugar brands for just $1.34 and 5-lb bags of name-brand flour for $1.50.

You’ll often find the best baking-supply deals at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid, and when you do, stock up to last you all year — or longer. Sugar, pure vanilla extract, salt, honey…they all stay good for years.


10. Diapers and baby gear

Even if you don’t have a baby, you should stockpile diapers and baby gear. KCL posts diaper deals every week, and you can often get packs for only $3.50 with coupons. You can also get cheap, high-quality baby clothes like $2 Carter’s bodysuits — again, when you use coupon codes on top of sales. (We’ll always show you the best baby deals here.)

Stock up on diapers when you can get them for $4 or less a pack, and use them for baby shower gifts or women’s shelter donations — all the baby mamas will thank you.


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10 Surprising Things Every Couponer Should Have in Their Stockpile