Shopping at Rite Aid seemed like a daunting task when I first started couponing—there are so many of those little yellow tags all over the place! I was overwhelmed with them at first, but now Rite Aid is one of my favorite drugstores. After I learned the lingo of all their tags and signed up for a Wellness card, I was well on my way to some much needed savings. The Wellness card is what helps me earn what they call +Up Rewards. These are dollar amounts you receive back for purchasing particular items—you can literally get paid to shop at Rite Aid! Next time you’re in a Rite Aid, be sure to pay attention to those little yellow tags! Here’s what you should know:

1. Weekly sales tags

Yellow tags are used to advertise what items are on sale. These tags feature the dates of the current advertised price. The date on the tag also lets you know it’s the sales flyer advertised price (9/28/14 through 10/4/14 is in the example below). Another tip is that this tag will have a black strip on the bottom with “As Advertised” noted on the sticker.

2. Monthly sales tags

Below is an example of a “Rite Buy” tag. These mean that the sale covers the entire month. The dates will always be on the yellow tag. There are occasions when the item is featured in a weekly and monthly sale—we call these a double dip (see image below)! The weekly sales tag will be the outer tag, and the monthly tag will be behind it.


3. Buy one, get one free

The part of me that is a krazy coupon lady can easily spot the bold “FREE” on these tags from a mile away. These tags will always detail the applicable sale dates, state that the price is of equal or lesser value, and that the offer is at regular price. This means that the regular sale price is the amount that you will have to pay for that item. For example, $7.99 for Finish dish detergent is the regular price, but the second box is free. Remember, if you are using coupons (as you should be!), you can only use a coupon on the item that you are paying for, not the free item per Rite Aid coupon policy.


4. Clearance price

This tag features a great big 50% off while also listing the clearance price, the amount saved and current sales dates. These sales are unadvertised, so just keep your eyes open as you walk down the aisles. Today I found Off! Repellent on clearance for $2.99; I had a $2.00 manufacturer coupon that was about to expire, so I was able to get this for $0.99! Combining clearance prices with a coupon makes me a happy girl!

5. +UP Rewards offers

An even better way to make sure you are getting a bargain is to watch out for the +Up Rewards tags. Some of these +Up Rewards sales are for the sale circular week, and some sales are for the entire month, so make sure to check the dates! The +Up Rewards offers aren’t redeemable until after 6:00 AM the next day, and +Up Rewards are typically available to use for up to 14 days. +Up Rewards offers also have an item limit of how many offers you may purchase of the same item to get the deal. This limit is stated on the yellow tag.

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