With the onset of cold weather, have you had some unwelcome furry critters or creepy crawlers move in next to your stockpile to stay warm and infest your edibles? To prevent them camping out all season and destroying your precious goods, follow these tips!


The biggest step to repel pests is to remove the food source. When pests don't have food to eat, they'll naturally go elsewhere. Keep stockpile areas clean and tidy, and always store foods off the ground on high shelves whenever possible. Not only will it keep things out of the reach of nibbling mice, but off of surfaces like concrete that can potentially leach harmful chemicals into packaging. With only canned goods and non-edibles on the floor and low shelves, critters will opt for another home rather than a diet of Ziploc bags and razor cartridges!

Food Containment

Mice and rodents can chew through anything from paper to cardboard and plastic, especially when there's food with a scent. To counter this, try storing edibles in food-grade plastic buckets with metalized liners. The buckets will keep out the bugs, and the liners will help odors from attracting mice and rats. If you also place oxygen absorber packs in the buckets, it will extend product shelf life as a bonus!

For more bug-free precautions, vacuum seal packages, use glass jars, place bay leaves or spearmint on shelves near food, or use cedar shelving.

Nesting Supplies

Besides food, furry critters will want a comfy place to sleep, and your fluffy paper goods in the garage are a perfect building material. To keep your ultra-soft, triple-ply bath tissue from being shredded into a nest, keep paper towels, tissues, toilet paper and napkins up and away from where mice and their friends can get to. If you can, store the goods inside your home under bathroom sinks, beds or in closets.

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Stockpile