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Top 17 Ways to Make a Cashier Hate You

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Obviously one of the most intimidating parts of the couponing experience is checkout. Like, to the point where we even had to call it out in a book we wrote.

It’s not just tough for you, though! Cashiers have to deal with the nuances of couponing, and if you aren’t careful, you can turn an ally into an enemy.

If you want to be a decent human, DON’T do these things at checkout:


1. Break up transactions without warning cashiers first.

You’re gonna have to do multiple transactions for the best deals sometimes. Just remember that you are literally giving them more work because you want a good deal.

Be nice about it, and maybe warn the person behind you, too.


2. Make cashiers cut out your coupons.

It’s not their job to clip paper coupons, especially when they have a line full of customers.


3. Talk on your phone (or text).

Beyond this just being rude — it’s a good way to annoy the person who needs to talk to you in order to do their job.

Plus, you won’t be able to be alert enough to make sure your totals are adding up, your discounts are accurately applied and that you’ve done everything you can to get the best deal. It’s as much for your benefit as it for theirs.

Of course, using your smartphone for coupons — totally legit and fully encouraged.


4. Use tons of coupons during the busiest times of the day.

Use your coupons. Use all of them with no apologies. But try to do it when your store isn’t in the middle of their rush. Stay away from evenings and weekends. Aim for weekdays and close to opening/closing times.


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5. Print coupons when you’re running out of ink.

This makes the barcodes difficult to scan and takes up unnecessary time. Since efficiency is a big deal at the cash register, this speedbump will stress out your cashier.


6. Hand the cashier a pile of crumpled coupons from the bottom of your purse.

Seriously. At least try to make a neat-ish pile so that they aren’t sorting through gum wrappers and old movie stubs to get to your coupons.


7. Leave unwanted product behind when your coupons don’t work.

It happens. You misunderstood the deal, or maybe the coupon is expired. Don’t leave a pile of stuff for someone else to put away.


8. Ask for the manager the second your coupon doesn’t work.

Give the cashier a chance to figure out the issue before you demand a manager. Patience and understanding goes a long way, you guys.


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9. List off multiple phone numbers because you don’t know which one is linked to your rewards card.

If you can never remember which phone number is linked to your account then consider carrying the actual card to keep things moving smoothly.


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10. Wait until you get to the register to decide if you want something.

Make up your mind before you check out to save everyone’s time and sanity. Those last-minute decisions generally take time you don’t have.


11. Let your kids run all over the place.

Solidarity if you wanna let your kid throw a fit instead of buying them candy — because tantrums don’t get treats.

Just keep them contained so that the cashier can do his job without feeling like he needs to keep an eye on your kiddo, too.


12. Leave the line to grab something at the last minute.

Don’t hold up the whole line because you forgot milk.

Finish your transaction and then run back for what you forgot. Everyone will thank you, especially the cashier.


13. Bring more than 10 items to the express checkout.

Bringing more than the stated maximum number of items is rude to the cashier — who will probably feel too awkward to ask you to get in another line.


14. Loading your stuff onto the conveyor belt when the cashier has already put up the closed sign.

Shockingly, they want to go home, too.


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15. Complain about the price of anything.

Cashiers don’t set the prices, friends. If you have an issue then politely ask to speak to a manager or reach out to customer service.


16. Tell the cashier your life story.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Just be pleasant and polite.


17. Leave your cart at the end of the register instead of putting it away.

Put away your own cart. Period.


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