When does a stockpile become clutter? I recently had to answer this question when my husband called me a “hoarder.” Or maybe he said I had hoarding tendencies? Either way, I took this to heart when I realized my stockpile was overtaking my house and I had not “pruned” it to stay within the boundaries of my needs. I had to address the current status of my stockpile and determine where I had lost my way in the wonderful world of coupons.

There are four points I identified that helped me reduce my clutter to an acceptable, controlled stockpile.


Sign #2 of an out-of-control stockpile: Disorganization

Nothing frustrates me more than having 10 laundry detergents and no fabric softener. How does that happen? Is that a lack of organization on my part? Am I spending money on items I don’t need and not buying items I do need? Arranging like items together allows you to look at an area of your stockpile and know what you’re lacking. I have a huge shelf in my laundry room, about 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. For my family, that’s enough space to store the items I need, but my stockpile was spilling onto the floor and stairs. I had lost control! When I took the time to purge my stockpile, I was able to identify what I was missing and identify the abundance of other items.

Take 5 minutes to peruse the items in your stockpile and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are like items scattered in different parts of my storage area?
2. Do I have expired products because I didn’t rotate my stock?
3. Have I forgotten what is in my stockpile?
4. Have I bought items that are sitting on the shelf and I do not intend to use them?
5. Have I hidden things from myself in the name of “building a stockpile?”

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may want to start rethinking how you manage your stockpile. Stay tuned for more signs of an out-of-control stockpile, and learn what you can do to reign it in!

This is a guest post by Tammy from Saint Pauls, NC

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