When does a stockpile become clutter? I recently had to answer this question when my husband called me a “hoarder.” Or maybe he said I had hoarding tendencies? Either way, I took this to heart when I realized my stockpile was overtaking my house and I had not “pruned” it to stay within the boundaries of my needs. I had to address the current status of my stockpile and determine where I had lost my way in the wonderful world of coupons.

In the previous posts (linked below), I identified the problems with my stockpiling habits that helped me reduce my clutter to an acceptable, controlled stockpile.

Do you think your stockpile may be out of control? Here’s what to do about it:

After working through the questions in the previous posts, am I ready to make some changes? Am I willing to admit that I have “hoarding” tendencies? Maybe not, but I can at least be aware that my stockpile tends to get out of control and do something about it! As Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.” Understanding my shopping style, setting stockpile boundaries and maintaining budget control are essential to prevent clutter and hoarding. I want to save money, but I personally require limits to maintain balance—and maybe a little help from family members to keep me on target!

Set boundaries for stockpiling for your household:

1. Set a budget for spending, whether daily, weekly or monthly. Stick to it.
2. Set boundaries such as number of bottles of detergent for a 3-month period or how many boxes of Q-tips your family needs.
3. Acknowledge that you like the exhilaration of saving money, but control your tendencies with wise decision-making.
4. Ask members of your household to hold you accountable if the stockpile gets “out of control.”
5. Purge the stockpile at least monthly to avoid clutter!

As I start this new year, I’ve created some boundaries to prevent clutter and maintain an adequate stockpile for my family’s needs, and I’ve set some guidelines for managing the stockpile buildup. I urge you to look around your home and take up the challenge yourself. You may be surprised with the results!

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