We let you know last month about changes coming to the Cartwheel app. Well, now it’s official: Cartwheel is now living in the Target app and it’s time to make the switch.

Here’s what you need to know:


The Cartwheel and Target app merger is now 100% complete.

Now everything you need is in the Target app. I’m going to break it down for you:

Wanna find Cartwheel offers? Open the Target app.

Wanna access mobile coupons? Open the Target app.

Trying to find where a product is located in your store? Open the Target app.

Shopping for something at Target.com? Yep. Open the Target app.


Just rip the band-aid already. It’s time to download the Target app.

If you’ve never downloaded the app before, it’s available in the Apple iTunes store and Google Play as “Target — now with Cartwheel.”

Once you’ve download the app, sign in with an existing Target.com account. If you aren’t sure if you have a Target account, the app will help you locate an existing account tied to your email address.


If you’ve been signing in to the Cartwheel app through Facebook or Google, you’re gonna have to create a Target.com account

There’s no negotiating this point: you need to create a Target.com account. This ensures your existing offer list and lifetime savings are transferred to the new app.

Once you’ve downloaded the Target app, you’ll be prompted to sign in. Instead of clicking “create account,” click the link at the very bottom of the screen that says “move account.” That will open a link that will allow you to sign in with Facebook or Google and will then let you merge your existing account and create a new Target.com account.



Eventually, the Cartwheel app will be gone.

In the coming months, Target is going to ax the Cartwheel app, and the only place to find Cartwheel offers will be the Target app.

This is the latest in a line of changes Target is making to increase sales and compete with Walmart as the everyday low price leader.


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