Were you born between 1977 and 2000? If so, you may be considered a “millennial.”

Millennials love being on the cutting edge of technology and are just as invested in saving money and clipping coupons as generations before.

You already know how obsessed we are over Ibotta, and now we are here to give all those millennials out there a guide to using our second favorite app — after the KCL app of course.


1. Build up your Ibotta squad and get $5 per referral.

Once you’ve downloaded Ibotta, refer friends and get $100+ plus in bonuses. Receive $5 for each friend who downloads the app and makes a purchase.

Just for referring two friends, you can earn a total of $20, then $50 for the next five friends, and $100 for every ten friends referred after that.

There’s literally no limit to how much you can earn.


2. Earn up to $7 with teamwork.

Once you’ve got your squad set up on Ibotta, make sure they are all using it to work toward team bonuses. The bigger your team, the faster and easier it is to earn a teamwork bonus!

For September Level 1, you can earn an extra $1 by redeeming eight unique rebates and having your team earn a total of $10 worth of rebates. You then can work up to Level 4 in which you can earn $3 by redeeming 20 unique rebates and having your team earn $25 worth of rebates.

You can easily see in earnings who’s killin’ it and who’s… well… slacking off.


3. Get $1 cash back per ride from Uber.

Access Uber through the Ibotta app to save $1 per ride.


4. Maximize your Ibotta earnings by working toward a bonus.

The bonuses through Ibotta are pretty incredible and an easy way to earn free money. As of right now, there are 30+ bonuses ranging up to a bonus of $10!

Example: If you redeem five rebates in a week, you’ll receive a $5 bonus, or shop at World Market for 4% cash back and a $2 bonus when you redeem the rebate!



5. Launch Amazon through Ibotta for a $20 gift card and 3% cash back.

This refers to new Prime members who have never signed up before. If you sign up for Amazon Prime through the Ibotta app, you’ll receive a $20 Amazon gift card.

This excludes existing Prime Members, Prime subscription renewals, monthly Prime subscriptions and Prime Student subscriptions.

Get 3% back for the following when you launch Amazon through Ibotta:

  • Pet Supplies
  • Fashion
  • Home Services
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Luggage

Through the Ibotta app you can also sign up for free trials of Kindle Unlimited, Audible, Amazon Music, and Amazon Prime Video.

Thinking of getting married or have a baby on the way? Start your wedding or baby registry here as well!


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6. Shop the “Any Brand” cash-back offers to get rebates on dairy, produce, or eggs.

This is the easiest way to earn cash back through Ibotta. You don’t have to buy a certain brand — it can be any receipt or any brand.

About half of these any-brand offers are sponsored by a brand. The other half of any-brand offers come straight from Ibotta. For example: When I unlocked this week’s offer on bananas, I had to read a “fun fact” about Ibotta bonuses.

  • Any item: $0.25 cash back (multiple stores)
  • Bleach — Any Brand: $0.25 cash back (multiple stores)
  • Milk — Any Brand: $0.25 cash back (multiple stores)
  • Eggs — Any Brand: $0.25 cash back (multiple stores)
  • Shredded Cheese — Any Brand: $0.50 cash back (multiple stores)
  • Lettuce — Any Brand: $0.25 cash back (multiple stores)
  • Avocados — Any Brand: $0.25 cash back (multiple stores)
  • Bananas — Any Brand: $0.25 cash back (multiple stores)


7. Get cash back on makeup and apparel from Target.

If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with Target — it must be a millennial thing. You can easily find beauty and makeup rebates as well as some apparel rebates!

What’s even better — you can still use the Target app to get Cartwheel deals and stack the Ibotta rebate on top of that.



8. Book travel through Ibotta for rebates.

It’s a known fact that millennials crave travel and adventure in life. Ibotta makes it easier than ever to book travel and save money while you’re at it.

Click the “Travel” category to view rebates on:

  • Booking.com: 4% cash back
  • CheapOair: $5 cash back
  • Hotels.com: 4% cash back
  • HotelStorm: 5% cash back
  • HotelTonight: 3% cash back
  • Mr & Mrs Smith: 3% cash back

What are you waiting for?! Time to book another vacation!


9. Use Ibotta when you’re on a road trip to save at convenience stores.

Ibotta offers cash back rebates for convenience stores. So, if you’re on a road trip, check the app before or even after you buy items from a convenience store when stopping for gas.

These stores include:

  • Love’s Travel Stop
  • Maverik
  • Shell
  • Chevron Extra Mile


10. Earn cash back when you eat out at restaurants.

Do you like to eat out? Now you can redeem cash back offers from places like Buffalo Wild Wings, or get 10% cash back through Krispy Kreme!


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11. Get cash back on alcohol purchases at restaurants, and at the store!

Uhhh… sign me up! Enjoy a margarita and get paid for drinking it!

You’ll see offers for cash back on beer ranging from $1-$5. Offers on spirits range from $1-$8, and wine rebates range from $1-$5.

  • El Jimador Tequila: $3.50 cash back
  • 1800 Tequila: $3 cash back
  • Exotico Tequila: $5 cash back
  • Sauza Tequila: $4 cash back
  • Jose Cuervo Margaritas: $2 cash back

And remember — always make time for the things you love. Like drinking margaritas.


12. Look for new Ibotta offers every Wednesday.

The best time to look for new offers is on Wednesday afternoon, when the bulk of new rebates hit Ibotta. Check back on Thursdays, as new offers keep trickling down for the first 24 hours.

Plan your grocery shopping around what Ibotta offers you’ll use that week!


13. Scan all the items in your cart with Ibotta’s product scanner to make sure you’re not missing a rebate!

Do you suffer from FOMO (or fear of missing out)?

Use the product scanner to scan any item you’re considering buying before you put it in your cart. By scanning the item before you buy it, you can quickly determine if a rebate is available, and you’ll never miss out on deals ever again.



14. Stack Ibotta rebates with sales and coupons.

The crazy thing about Ibotta is the stacking ability. You can shop for an item that is on sale at a store, use a manufacturer’s coupon on top of that, and still redeem an Ibotta rebate!

That’s like three times the savings on one item! Mind blown.


15. You have seven days after your purchase to unlock rebates.

Ibotta users shouldn’t throw away their receipts for at least one week. Retailers that don’t require a QR code at checkout, or loyalty card sync, allow you to upload receipts up to a week old.

Your receipt must be submitted within seven days of printed receipt date. Multiple submissions of receipts older than one week may result in account deactivation.


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The Millennial's Guide To Using Ibotta