I love my stockpile. Without it, I’m not sure what we would have done after my husband got laid off and I was home taking care of our two kids—both under five at the time. While I appreciate my stockpile, others don’t think it’s worth having one. If you’re unsure whether having a stockpile is a good idea, check out the seven benefits below. For me and my family, it continues to be absolutely worth it.

1. To save money

Spend a little money now and save a lot later! By stockpiling while something is at a rock bottom price, you won't have to pay full price when you have to have it. Instead of running to the store when you’re out of something, simply walk over to your stockpile and grab products you got for pennies.

2. Catastrophe

In the face of a multitude of natural disasters and war, it pays to be self-sufficient and not have to rely solely on other people or organizations to take care of us in time of crisis.

3. Fluctuating food prices

There are many unpredictable problems that can affect the price and availability of food. Your stockpile can buffer you from fluctuating prices. When you’re prepared, there’s no need to panic.

4. Job loss

If your source of income stopped tomorrow, would you be able to keep you and your family clean and fed for months with what you currently have? Stockpiling makes sense in case of job loss, pay cuts, or a shrinking commission.

5. For the spontaneous cook inside you

Having a variety of food on hand allows you to whip up a meal or treat just because you can. You'll never be making those last-minute dashes to the store for that one missing ingredient. Check out our post on meal planning for more on how to shop weekly deals and stockpile at the same time!

6. To help others

When you become an independent krazy couponer and stockpile products for a fraction of retail price, you can start helping others out by donating extras to those in need, including neighbors, extended family, churches, relief agencies and shelters. 

7. Peace of mind

Essentially, this is the whole reason to stockpile: being able to tell fear and anxiety to hit the road. Knowing you're prepared for whatever the future holds is priceless.

Why Having a Stockpile Is an Excellent Idea