As a teacher, I’ve received my fair share of DIY holiday gifts made by students or their parents at Christmastime.

But there have been a few teacher gifts that stick out in my mind as the best DIY gifts I’ve ever received — because they’re practical and adorable!

Here are my favorite practical DIY teacher gifts for this holiday season:


1. Make natural DIY hand sanitizer.

Show me a teacher that isn’t married to their hand sanitizer and I’ll show you a unicorn.

Make your own natural hand sanitizer for your child’s teacher. Check out this DIY hand sanitizer tutorial.


2. Put together a DIY gift card bouquet.

What will a teacher love more than a gift card? A gift card bouquet!

Add your own DIY spin to personalize a collection of gift cards for your favorite teacher.

Pro Tip: Get discounted gift cards from Raise or Gift Card Granny.


3. Give a famous family recipe — with a sample included!

If your family has a favorite holiday recipe — like your famous cranberry-orange bread — pass the recipe along with a sample to try!



4. Mix your own DIY bath bombs.

Teachers have one thing on their mind over the winter break: to relax and decompress!

I love receiving gifts that help me naturally relax like DIY bath bombs.

Check out this easy tutorial for DIY bath bombs.


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5. Fill a thread organizer with teacher essentials.

Most teachers have “wish lists” for their classroom with items they need for the classroom.

Ask the teacher for her wish list and then have your child find each item at the store to fill a thread organizer.


6. Create customized DIY glass magnets.

You’ll need a pack of circle magnets, glass stones and a few of your teacher’s favorite images to Mod Podge on the backside of the glass.

You can find the full DIY glass magnet tutorial here.


7. Package an apple with DIY caramel dipping sauce.

An apple packaged with DIY caramel sauce is sweet, simple and sure to leave a smile on your favorite teacher’s face.

Here’s a recipe for spiced DIY apple caramel dipping sauce.


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8.Create a classroom sign with a chalkboard and rulers.

Create a classroom sign with a decorative chalkboard and stack of rulers.

Your child can help glue the rulers to the back of the board in a sunburst pattern. Then tie a ribbon around a pack of chalk so the teacher can change the signage, too!

Get the tutorial here.



9. Handcraft apple string art with your child.

Get the free apple template and tutorial for this adorable apple string art sign from SarahMStyle.

Your child can help string the red and green thread around each nail before giving their teacher the custom, handcrafted gift.


10. Package a stovetop potpourri kit.

Give your child’s teacher the gift of a Christmas-scented home!

Teachers love experience-based gifts, and a bag of savory ingredients to simmer in a pot over the winter break is such a sweet surprise.


11. Burn a custom CD with your family’s favorite holiday songs.

One of my all-time favorite DIY gifts from a student was a CD filled with her family’s favorite holiday-inspired tunes they picked out just for me!


12. Create a DIY snack box using a thread organizer.

Grab a thread organizer from a craft store and fill each compartment with your favorite gourmet snacks.

Label the box with a map of the contents, and wrap it up with a ribbon!

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