I first heard about ABCMouse.com from my daughter’s preschool teacher as one of her recommended websites for online learning for kids age 2-6. The pay-per-month subscription kept me from using the site until recently when I found a 30 day free trial. I signed up on Sept 13th, immediately logged into my account and cancelled my subscription, but the best part is I can continue to use the site for free until October 13th. I can still choose to continue my subscription (my daughter really loves the site), but this way, I won’t forget about it until I see a $7.95 charge on my next monthly statement. Plus, once you start canceling, you’ll see an offer for six months at only $19.95. How’s that for a deal?

ABCMouse.com is an expansive website with games and lessons in a myriad of subjects, but the best part is that my daughter can navigate it on her own. I can create separate accounts for my son and daughter, each with their own Avatar, and the site is customized for each of their learning levels.

If you want to sign up, here’s how to do it.

  • Visit ABCMouse.com and submit your email.
  • Create account and enter billing info (required).
  • You’ll be prompted to create at least one Avatar for one of your children.

Cancel anytime and keep your account for 30 days.

  • To cancel, click “Parents Homepage,” then “My Account,” then “Cancellation Policy,” and follow the prompts to cancel. Rest assured, your subscription and your child’s Avatar will all be saved until your 30 day trial ends.


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