After Halloween I always seem to end up with lots of small plastic pumpkins.  My kids bring them home and decorate their rooms with them.  People sometimes give them to us filled with candy.  Somehow, I always have a bunch to store until next October.   Use them to help your kids learn math facts.  Kids will love it, and anything that makes math fun for kids is a smart idea!  (If you like this but don’t have any of these little guys, check out the clearance at your local stores.)


  1. Write a number on each pumpkin, from 6 – 18.
  2. Take craft sticks (or Popsicle sticks) and write different math facts on each one, about six for each number, 6 – 18.  For example, the number 6’s math facts could include, 3 + 3, 4 + 2, 7 – 1, etc.
  3. Let your kids sort the sticks by solving the math facts and put them in the correct pumpkins!

 Thanks, The First Grade Parade

Leftover Plastic Pumpkins? Turn them into Counting Fun!