In our home, we have what you might call a slight obsession with tape. It would seem that there is not a single thing that can’t be fixed or made better with a little tape!  Duct tape, masking tape, packaging tape–there are so many types of tape that provide sticky goodness for wrapping gifts, sealing packages, or hanging a photo on the fridge. Oh, there are so many other uses for tape around the house that can make your life a little easier.

Just a simple strip of tape can make everyday household jobs easier. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the tips below and see how a strip of tape can be a valuable part of your home tool kit!

Prevent Scuff Marks:  Are you tired of scuffing walls and furniture with your vacuum cleaner? Stop ugly scuff marks by applying a strip of common masking tape to the edges of your vacuum. The tape acts as a barrier between the vacuum and your walls and furniture.

Safety Grip: If you love a great DIY project, grab some double sided tape! Apply a band of double sided tape to your hammers, drills, or screwdrivers to provide more grip. Your tools will be less likely to slip from your hand, and you will have a more firm control over the tool.

Keyboard Cleaner: Easily clean out the crumbs and gunk that settles into your keyboard keys. Take a strip of scotch tape and slide it between the keys in a flossing motion. Watch the crumbs attach to the tape easily and efficiently. Toss the tape when done, and voilà! You have a clean keyboard!

Simple Luggage ID: Have you ever been waiting at the airport for your navy blue luggage, only to see forty other navy blue luggage bags coming down the conveyor belt? Avoid luggage confusion by applying a colorful band of duct tape to your luggage. Next time you are waiting at the conveyor belt, you will know the navy blue luggage with the bright pink stripe is yours!

Snack Sealant: Forget plastic chip clips! Next time you need to close a snack package, use a piece of painter’s tape. It is inexpensive and a small piece stays tacky.  Open and close your chip package as much as you wish since the tape will stick each time! Plus when your bag is empty, you can toss the whole package, tape and all!

Now that you know all of these great tape tips, how do you avoid that annoying “I can’t find the start of my tape” dilemma? Simply stick a toothpick where the roll of tape leaves off. That way when you go to use it again, you won’t be straining your eyes trying to figure out where the roll starts!

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Savings that Stick: Savvy Tape Tips