A great pair of scissors is a must-have tool in any household. There is nothing worse than reaching for a pair of snips to start clipping those coupons only to find them dull and useless! Oh, the tragedy!

Professional sharpening can be expensive, and throwing the scissors away and buying a new pair is just wasteful.

Sandpaper is for more than just distressing furniture! Use it to sharpen your favorite pair of scissors. Find a small sheet of medium grade sandpaper. This grade is perfect for the job.

To sharpen your scissors, just snip the sandpaper with the scissors. Don’t rub the sandpaper on the scissors–just make cuts. Snip and cut about a dozen times. When finished, wipe the blades with a soft cloth, and try the scissors out on paper.

Not sharp enough? Cut the sandpaper a few more times.

Purchase sandpaper at any home improvement store, even Walmart, for less than $2. Why not give this simple trick a try and see what a difference it makes?

Thanks, RealSimple

Savvy Snipping: Sharpen Your Own Scissors