This Halloween, you probably have the front porch all decked out, the mantle all spookied up, and the dining room table covered in haunting decor. Maybe it’s time to take your Halloween decor up to the next level! Why not surprise your guests with some spook in the most unexpected places, too?

This Halloween, don’t neglect those mirrors! Add some frightfully fun Halloween accents to the mirrors by making these simple, clingy ghosts. By using just a few items found around the home, it is easy to create these ghouls in no time. They won’t damage your mirrors and are easy to apply.

The only materials needed for this project? Press and seal plastic wrap and scissors! That’s it! Now, gather the kids and clear off a work space.

Here’s how to make mirror ghosts:

  1. Tear off a sheet of plastic. The sheet should measure about half of the size of the mirror.
  2. Flatten the sheet of plastic wrap on a clean surface. Make sure the surface is clean, or gunk will stick to it.
  3. Trace a ghost outline on the sheet of plastic wrap. A freehand design will work fine (or, if needed, practice on scrap paper first).
  4. CAUTIOUSLY cut out the ghost design.
  5. Finish the ghost by cutting out holes for a mouth and eyes.
  6. Now, just press it gently to a clean mirror and run your palms over it to flatten.

Now family and guests can see your enthusiasm for Halloween on the porch and mantle and when they peek in the mirror, too! I tried this in my own home, and not only was it simple, but so far the ghost has held up well to elements such as shower steam! The Press’n Seal variety gives it the perfect translucent look, like a real ghost.

Happy (and thrifty) Haunting!

Spooky Mirrors: DIY Press on Ghosts