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Maybe the weather is nasty outside, you’re traveling, you ditched cable to save $100 per month or your kid is downright bored — download the YouTube Kids app for Android or iOS.

Not only will the app keep them entertained for hours — it’s free too!

Here are the 12 best YouTube channels that will help you win at parenting:


1. Mother Goose Club

There are six characters in Mother Goose Club including both adults and kids that teach nursery rhymes and lessons through song, dance and skits. It keeps babies to toddlers entertained by encouraging them to dance and clap along.

Videos can be 3-60 minutes long. Your kids will learn about colors with the “Wheels on the Bus” song, learn about the eight planets with Humpty Dumpty, and learn the alphabet along with fun nursery rhymes.

Subscribers: 4.6 million
Best for: Toddlers


2. MinutePhysics

MinutePhysics simplifies a variety of concepts including gravity, how the sun works and black holes.

Videos are made out of illustrations and voice-overs that simplify complex topics to make it easier to comprehend. Some of the lessons your kids will learn include videos like, “Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?” or “Why the Sky is Blue.”

It’s fun to watch and learn — heck, I enjoy watching these videos!

Subscribers: 4.2 million
Best for: Tweens and teens


3. Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been around like, for-ever. Sesame Street teaches education, counting, friendship, acceptance, self-love, expressing feelings, empathy and so much more.

Kids can learn things like “R is for Routine,” “H is for Healthy” or the “Anyone Can Play Song.”

Subscribers: 3.2 million
Best for: Toddlers


4. PBS Kids

PBS Kids has videos from Pinkalicious & Peterrific, The Ruff Ruffman Show and OddTube — even sing-a-longs and a word of the week playlist.

Every video is kid-friendly, and PBS Kids offers videos to help children express their creativity, imagination and even critical thinking.

Subscribers: 287,000
Best for: Toddlers


5. TED-Ed

TED talks are well known around the world. TED-Ed is a YouTube channel that is specifically designed as a learning tool for kids.

Topics include: How your immune system works, how to manage time, how your digestive system works and so on. The videos are highly educational and thought provoking.

Subscribers: 5.7 million
Best for: School-aged kids and tweens



6. Oh My Genius

Oh My Genius is a channel that teaches your toddler through nursery rhymes. Learn colors, shapes, letters and so much more. These fun videos will be sure to keep your kiddos entertained for hours at a time.

Kids can learn from videos like “The Shapes Song,” “The Numbers Song” and “The Opposite Song.”

Subscribers: 694,000
Best for: Toddlers


7. National Geographic Kids

If your child is interested in learning about nature — National Geographic Kids is the best channel to watch. The channel offers age-appropriate scientific facts on wild animals and household pets.

Videos include categories like “Are We There Yet?”, “Weird But True” and “Awesome Animals.”

Subscribers: 112,000
Best for: School-aged kids and tweens


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8. Busy Beavers

Busy Beavers helps toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged kids with basic English language skills. It’s a fun and entertaining way to learn more about the English language.

Plus your kiddos will learn about colors, numbers, shapes and more.

Subscribers: 2.4 million
Best for: Toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged kids



9. Whiz Kid Science

Let your kids watch videos and try out these fun at-home science projects that are done by none other than a kid! Since the show is hosted by a kid, yours will have no problem relating to the video while having fun.

With a little parental advice, kids can try science experiments like making slime, walking water, elephant toothpaste, bouncy balls and more.

Subscribers: 70,000
Best for: School-aged kids and tweens


10. Cool School

Cool School has videos covering reading, language, art class, science, math, stories, nursery rhymes and so much more.

Some crafts the kids can make include a DIY fidget spinner and a lava lamp.

Subscribers: 750,000
Best for: School-aged kids


11. SciShow Kids

It’s a science-focused kids’ channel that answers those simple, yet tough to explain questions like “Why do I get wrinkly fingers in the bath?” or “Why is the sky blue?”

Subscribers: 130,000
Best for: School-aged kids


12. Sick Science!

Now your kids can watch the Sick Science! YouTube channel and do easy, hands-on science experiments at home. They can do experiments like making homemade hand warmers, rainbow snow, stained glass sugar, homemade brown sugar ice cream and more.

Learning while having fun? That’s a win-win in my book.

Subscribers: 558,000
Best for: School-aged kids


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12 Best YouTube Channels for Kids That Will Help You Win at Parenting