College was a strange time for me financially. I had student loans funding my life, which meant I had cash for the first time. Yet all that cash really wasn’t mine, and I could only use it for school.

So technically I was both rich and broke at the same time. I also worked a series of not-so-great part-time jobs to earn money for groceries, books, and fun.

All that to say, I would have LOVED to be able to sit at home and earn cash instead of having to go serve pizzas to other hungry college students for meager tips!

So if you’re in college and you’re on the hunt for some ready cash (or you know someone who is), check out these 6 easy options!

1. Harris Poll

  • Harris Poll:
  • How you earn: Taking surveys.
  • Rewards: You’re rewarded in HIPoints, which can be redeemed for various merchant rewards, including Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, and more.

Nielson’s Harris Poll was polling people before most survey companies were even a gleam in an entrepreneur’s eye. After nearly 50 years in the business, Harris Poll has garnered an impressive clientele, including 74 Fortune 100 companies.

Signing up to take surveys with Harris Poll is very easy—just enter your name, gender, email address, birthdate, and a password.

2. Inbox Dollars

  • Inbox Dollars:
  • How you earn: Taking surveys, watching video ads, playing games online, shopping online, surfing the web, and even—wait for it—redeeming COUPONS!
  • Rewards: Cash and gift cards from partners including Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Netflix, and others.

Inbox Dollars offers an easy way to earn cash right away—you even get a $5 bonus just for signing up! From there, you can earn cash in a variety of ways.

It’s very easy to sign up—just enter your name, gender, email address, country, zip code, and a password. You’ll then get your $5 bonus and you’ll start receiving up to three email opportunities per day. You can also visit the website anytime to earn.

3. Swagbucks

  • Swagbucks:
  • How you earn: Taking surveys, watching videos, searching online, learning more about good deals, playing online games, taking polls, and more.
  • Rewards: Points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Swagbucks is a particular KCL favorite. Some KCL’ers earn hundreds of dollars annually through Swagbucks! You can redeem points earned for Paypal cash cards or hundreds of amazing retailer cards (including Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Visa prepaid, Target, etc.). You can also donate some or all of what you earn to charity.

It’s simple to join Swagbucks. Just enter your email address and a password and you can begin earning.

4. Springboard America

  • Springboard America:
  • How you earn: Taking surveys.
  • Rewards: Prizes, Amazon e-gift card, cash to your bank account, or loaded on a Visa prepaid card.

Springboard America offers an easy way to earn cash and prizes by completing surveys. They have recently increased the value of the incentives they offer, plus they have added a monthly opportunity to win $100 (10 prizes awarded monthly).

Joining Springboard America is incredibly easy—just enter your email and a password and you’re in! From there, you’ll be able to earn between $0.50 and $5 per survey completed. When you have earned $50, you can redeem your points for cash.

5. Bing Rewards

  • Bing Rewards:
  • How you earn: Using Bing as your web search engine nets you credits which you can redeem for rewards.
  • Rewards: Gift cards (like Starbucks, Amazon, Sephora, etc.), airline miles, gas points, discounts on meals and fun.

Bing Rewards quite literally rewards you for doing what you do for hours daily—surf the web. Whether you’re studying, conducting research, shopping, playing games, or watching your favorite videos, with Bing Rewards you can be earning at the same time!

It’s very easy to get started with Bing Rewards. Just enter your email address and a password and start surfing!

6. Couponing

You may not automatically think of couponing as a way to earn funds, but when you save yourself funds, those funds are yours to use for other needs and wants!

KCL has amazing free resources you can use to get up and running, whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro. You can also access KCL’s free coupons database for newspaper coupons, printable coupons, mobile coupons, and hot deal alerts.

You can also coupon and price check on the go—right from your phone or tablet!

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6 Easy Ways to Earn Money When You're a College Student