Guys, I just learned about Amazon’s new offering: Prime Reading.

If you were on the fence about signing up for Amazon Prime before, you literally have no excuse now. Especially if you love to read.

Prime Reading is the newest addition to the family of Amazon Prime perks, giving Prime members access to thousands of book, magazine and children’s book titles.

Do your kids love Harry Potter as much as mine do? (You love Harry Potter as much as they do, I know. Your secret is safe with me.) It’s on the Prime Reading list along with The Hobbit and other beloved stories.

Get this — you can read National Geographic for free. Add your favorite magazines to the list of things you can stop buying!

Don’t have a Kindle device? You don’t need one. As long as you have an Apple or Android device, you’re covered because you can download the Kindle app.

You know you want to take the plunge. Amazon Prime is $99 per year but pays for itself within the first month or two.

In addition to Prime Reading, there are 15 little known secrets about Amazon Prime. I <heart> every. single. one.


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Amazon Launches Free Prime Reading!