As if Amazon wasn’t already indispensable to most of us, they’re now planning to offer all Prime members FREE one-day shipping.


Amazon plans to offer free one-day shipping for Prime members, though the timeline for the rollout remains unclear.

In an interview about the faster shipping plan, CFO Brian Olsavsky said that the plan is “evolving” but indicated that it will begin in North America and then expand globally to the rest of the 100 million Prime Members — like those in India, France and Brazil, for instance.

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Amazon already offers one-day shipping on a limited number of items, but it usually costs and totally depends on your location.

If you’re in a major hub — like Seattle — you’re already getting faster shipping than most on many items. But now the rest of us will be able to get our Prime orders in a day, too.


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Amazon’s new plan is to spend $800 million to offer free one-day shipping — but what’s it really going to cost us?

The plan is to offer one-day shipping free to all Prime members, but does that mean our Prime rates are about to skyrocket? After all, Amazon raised their yearly prime rate to $119.00 from $99.00 in May of 2018.

There’s no plan to raise rates at this point, but we’ll keep you updated if that turns out to be the case.



This news comes just after learning that we can now return Amazon packages to Kohl’s to avoid shipping costs.

In July we’ll all be able to return our unwanted Amazon purchases to any Kohl’s location and not only avoid return shipping costs, but also get a 25% off Kohl’s coupon in the deal.


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It's Happening: Amazon Is Giving All Prime Members Free One-Day Shipping!