My mom stayed home to raise my brother and me all the way through our graduation from high school. In those pre-PC (politically correct) days, I never heard anyone refer to her role in our family as "work." I never remember her referring to motherhood as work either. And certainly I can't think of one single time when she was ever asked if she "worked outside the home."

Yet today, studies can link a specific dollar value to the "job" of a stay-at-home mom, a role which encompasses many other roles which might otherwise cost the family dearly. Read on to learn exactly how much you can save your family (per job you do!) by being a stay-at-home mom!’s 14th annual mom salary survey 

Each year, surveys thousands of moms to find out what activities and tasks consume most of their time. Then a dollar value is assigned to each task. The final calculation represents the "salary" each of those tasks would command—if a hard-working mom wasn't already doing them!

15,000 moms were surveyed in 2014. The survey showed the average stay-at-home mom puts in 96.5 hours of work per week!

Top 10 tasks:

  • CEO: 3.2 hours (at $53.81/hour)
  • Facilities Manager: 10.9 hours (at $31.63/hour)
  • Laundry Operator: 6.5 hours (at $10.10/hour)
  • Computer Operator: 8.6 hours (at $16.44/hour)
  • Housekeeper: 14.6 hours (at $10.19/hour)
  • Cook: 14.5 hours (at $14.04/hour)
  • Day Care Teacher: 14.3 hours (at $12.84/hour)
  • Van Driver: 7.8 hours (at $13.65/hour)
  • Janitor: 7.8 hours (at $10.14/hour)
  • Psychologist: 8.3 hours (at $38.94/hour)

Total salary:

  • 40 hours salary working at home as a mom: $38,126
  • 56.5 hours overtime working at home as a mom: $80,779
  • TOTAL SALARY as a stay-at-home mom: $118,905


Calculate your worth as a stay-at-home mom

As a stay-at-home mom, each task you perform for your family is essential. If you don't do it, someone else must do it instead.

It’s all too easy to think that your family will be better off financially by having two incomes coming in, but to be accurate, first you must deduct the extra expense you will incur by paying someone else to do what you do now as a stay-at-home mom.

Here’s an easy calculator tool that can help you calculate what your exact dollar value is as a stay-at-home mom "employee" of your family versus if you’re working at a job outside the home.

This calculator can help you decide if you will serve your family better to seek a job outside the home or to continue on working at your full-time job inside the home.


What about Dad? 

Not all stay-at-home moms are, well, moms. In fact, families today are becoming increasingly flexible about deciding who stays home with the kids and who works outside the home—and gender isn't a factor in who works where.

Sometimes it just makes more sense for Dad to stay home, and sometimes Mom and Dad even switch off in who stays home and who works outside the home as the economy and advancement opportunities may dictate.

You can use this calculator to calculate the worth of a stay-at-home dad versus a working (outside the home) dad.


How Stay-at-Home Moms Save Their Families Money