First, Costco samples went away during the pandemic (and kind of came back), and then quarter-sheet cakes were harder to come by.

Now, it seems you won’t be able to pick up photo orders when shopping at Costco. The Photo Centers are on their way out.

Here’s what you need to know:


All Costco Photo Centers will close on Feb. 14.

As of Valentine’s Day 2021, Costco is discontinuing Photo Centers in every one of their 789 warehouses in North America.

In a letter to members, Costco says “the introduction of camera phones and social media” has created a steep decline in demand for photo prints.


You’ll still be able to order photos online.

At, members are able to order digital prints and photo gifts like calendars, photo blankets, and photo books and have them shipped to their home.

Those services will continue even after the in-store Photo Centers go away.


Several services will no longer be available.

According to Costco, when the Photo Centers close, the following services will no longer be available:

  • 1-hour photo prints
  • Printer ink cartridge refills
  • Passport photos
  • Photo restoration
  • YesVideo home movie transfer service (although YesVideo has a standalone service)



All outstanding orders must be picked up by March 28.

Even though Photo Centers will be closing Feb. 14, Costco is giving customers until March 28, 2021 to pick up their photo orders.


No telling what Costco will do with the extra space.

Costco hasn’t given any indication what they’ll do with the empty space once the Photo Centers clear out.

At least from what we can tell, the Photo Center closures won’t result in any layoffs; Photo Center employees will reportedly find other work at their home warehouse.


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Costco Photo Centers Are Closing Forever