Who doesn't love to be asked for their opinion? Does this dress make my hips look fat?

Valued Opinions is a survey site that pays its members cash for their opinions. By participating in surveys, members earn between $0.50 cents and $5.00 per survey! Valued Opinions will email you surveys targeted just for you.  Next time ‘you’ve got mail’, you may have an opportunity to earn, too!  So, are you a Valued Opinions member yet?

Here is how to become a Valued Opinions member:

  • Visit Valued Opinions to complete the fast and free registration.
  • Once you are a registered member, complete the 10 profile surveys in the members' area. Completing these surveys will increase your chances of having further surveys sent your way.
  • Check your email daily as you will be emailed survey invitations to complete.
  • For each completed survey, you will earn between $0.50 and $5.00. Once you've earned $20 in credit, you can exchange it for a gift card to Amazon.com and more!

How many people are willing to pay you for your opinion? As soon as you sign up at Valued Opinions, you can start earning!

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