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26 Money-Making Hobbies: Get Paid for Things You Like To Do

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Looking for hobbies that make cash? While you may feel like you don’t have time to earn extra money, there are plenty of ways to monetize your everyday hobbies to earn some side income or even start a full-time business.

“How can I make money off a hobby?” you ask. Some of the highest paying gigs stem from pastimes you might already be doing or have an interest in. Check out this list of the highest paying hobbies you can monetize to start making money while doing what you love. It won’t feel like work at all.

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1. Gardening and Landscaping

Start your own lawn care business in which you can get paid to mow lawns, trim bushes, and perform other landscaping tasks. If you enjoy gardening, you can also plant flowers for customers or teach gardening classes.

An entry-level landscape architect can make up to $60,000 per year. And according to Career Explorer, landscapers can make around $23 per hour or more.

2. Writing

Cash in on your writing skills by selling short stories, writing e-books, or creating articles and blog posts for clients. Freelance writers can cover a variety of topics and typically get paid a flat rate per project or per word.

3. Photoshop

If you like playing around with Photoshop, there are so many ways to monetize this hobby. You can create fonts to sell and other graphic designs, including logos and website templates.

Digital portraits are a popular product that can be created on Photoshop. Some Etsy sellers list them for $10 to $35.

4. Social Media Management

Social media is even more addicting when you’re actually making money on the platform. Think about marketing yourself as a social media manager for small online and local businesses.

Create and schedule posts, reply to comments, manage engagement, and brainstorm new content ideas to help grow your client’s social media presence to generate more sales.

5. Driving

One of the more soothing and relaxing hobbies that make money is driving, especially when it’s on your own terms. Uber and Lyft are two of the best rideshare apps that can help you earn consistent money by driving passengers around.

If you prefer delivering food instead or want to do both, add in a gig app like DoorDash, GrubHub, or Uber Eats.

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6. Baking

Baking and cake decorating is a hobby that can help you create a 6-figure business. Just narrow down what type of treats you want to make and test out new flavors and designs on loved ones.

Promote your home bakery on social media to get booked for events and other occasions.

7. Blogging

Blogging is an expressive hobby that’s practically been around since the advent of the internet. You can blog about anything you’d like; share tips, stories, or even life updates. As you gain more readers and your blog traffic increases, you can start monetizing your site through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, display ads, and more.

8. Decorating

Have an eye for decorating and turning a space around? Consider starting a side business as an interior decorator. You can start small by decorating specific rooms in a home, such as an office or playroom. Or you can decorate for parties and create different themes.

9. Photography

Photography is one of those fun hobbies that make money — up to $50,000 per year as a beginner. Wedding photographers can easily earn $1,000 just for a day’s work. Consider taking portraits, family photos, newborn photos, landscapes, or any type of photography that you enjoy.

10. Woodworking

If you have some woodworking skills, all you need is a little scrap lumber and lots of creativity to earn money by selling your own projects. You can create anything from wooden picture frames and custom furniture to wooden toys, customized cutting boards, and more. Another option involves flipping used wooden furniture and other pieces to resell once you’ve restored them to their original glory.

This is a hobby you can do during your spare time after work or on weekends. Some handcrafted wood products sell for hundreds of dollars or more.



11. Event Planning

People love hosting and attending events, so you can never get too bored as an event planner. If you love picking out themes, shopping for affordable supplies, and organizing a delicious menu, this job is for you.

According to, event planners earn about $17 per hour on average, but it all depends on the type of event you’re helping with. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll likely earn more than if you were planning a birthday or baby shower.

12. Crochet

Sign up for a merchant account on Etsy and start selling some of your crochet creations and accepting custom orders. You can make blankets, plush toys for kids, hats, cardigans, and other items while enjoying this hobby and pastime.

13. Mystery Shopping

If one of your hobbies is shopping, it’s okay to admit this. Yes, shopping could lead you to spend too much money, but not if you become a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers get paid to check out certain stores, restaurants, and other places of business. They typically make a purchase or interact with the staff in some way and report their experience.

Many companies hire mystery shoppers and will even reimburse you for your purchases. You can choose your own assignments and work when it’s convenient for you.

14. Walking Dogs

Spend time with more of your furry friends by becoming a dog walker or pet sitter. Sign up for Rover to create a profile to connect with people who will hire you for your services. You can list your experience, availability, and set your own prices.

15. Become a Friend

Yes, this is one of the legit hobbies that make money. You can get paid to meet new people and develop a friendship. Sites like Rent-a-Friend connect you with people looking for genuine platonic friendships. You can become pen pals and text or meet up locally for an outing or to attend an event together. Building friendships can be hard, especially if someone is new to an area or doesn’t have much time to get out after work.

Just be sure to prioritize your safety when meeting new people and agree to meet in public areas. Follow the protocols given through the website you’re using to make the connection.



16. Join Focus Groups

Who doesn’t love to share their opinion and recommend products and services they love? By attending focus groups, you can get paid to share your honest opinion with brands, even test out new products, before they hit the market.

Companies hire market research companies to organize focus groups where everyday consumers can openly discuss various topics. Focus groups can pay anywhere from $100 to $300 of your time, and you may even be able to do some interviews online.

Topics can range from food, clothes, and skin care items to pets, cars, and the electronics you have. There are opportunities for anyone to earn money with focus groups regardless of your interests or experience.

17. Become a Voice Actor

Whether you enjoy reading out loud or someone has told you that you have the perfect voice for radio or announcements, consider becoming a part-time voice actor. Yes, you can earn money from this gift. Voice actors help narrate audiobooks, appear in radio commercials, and sometimes even land a television role for an animated series or movie.

Voice actors can earn hundreds or thousands depending on the type of gig and client. Visit to learn more about how to get started and set up an account to begin promoting your services.

18. DJ at Local Events

Your love for music and mixing songs could help you land gigs as a local DJ at events and parties. People hire DJs for weddings, local events, holiday parties, and more. Expect to earn between $120 and $400 per night as a newer part-time DJ that’s just starting out. This is still great money to earn while hyping the crowd up and taking the party to the next level.

19. Fix Cars

As far as hobbies that make money go, this one requires a greater level of expertise than some others. If you like to work on cars for fun or fix up vintage models, consider offering some auto repair services to help others fix and maintain their cars. You could install brakes, do oil changes, and even perform full inspections. If you’re wondering what is the highest paying hobby, mechanic work is near the top of the list. Auto mechanics can make up to $33 per hour or more according to

20. Sell Soaps and Bath Bombs

Making your own soaps, bath salts, and bath bombs is fun and can be profitable if you decide to sell these items. You’ll need to price your products for profit, so consider how much material will cost to make them. Consider purchasing some supplies in bulk and utilizing sales for things like essential oils and melt-and-pour soap bases.



21. Fly Drones

Recreational drones became popular just a few years ago. You can buy a basic drone for anywhere from $50 to $250 depending on the brand and capabilities you’re looking for. Flying a drone is just another hobby you can monetize if you are able to record videos during the process.

Create aerial drone videos of various areas to sell to stock image sites that also buy videos. Or you can record drone videos for events, local businesses, YouTubers, and even outdoor weddings.

22. Play Video Games

If you like to play video games, you can monetize this hobby by streaming your gameplay on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. People can subscribe to your channel and send donations to support your content.

Or you can promote affiliates and sponsors to your audience. When your YouTube channel reaches a certain number of subscribers and watch-time hours, you start earning money with ads placed before, after, and during your video streams.

23. Makeup Artist

Whether you went to cosmetology school or learned how to apply makeup by watching YouTube videos, you can offer makeup or glam services. People hire makeup artists for birthdays, parties, weddings, and other special events.

Like some other hobbies that make money, you may need to invest in certain supplies. As a makeup artist, you might need to purchase cosmetics and beauty products; however, you might earn your investment back fairly quickly. reports people typically earn $30 to $50 per hour working as a makeup artist.

24. Fitness Instructor

Enjoy working out? You may not mind teaching a fitness or yoga class if you’re very comfortable with leading a group. You’ll likely need to become certified to be a fitness instructor, but you can earn an average of $25 per hour according to

If you prefer to work with people one-on-one, become a personal trainer instead. Gyms and local park district fitness centers hire instructors and personal trainers. Or you can work independently and pick up your own clients.

25. Traveling

Talk about one of the cooler hobbies that make money. Earn while seeing the world by becoming a travel blogger or travel freelance writer. Writing about travel can help you promote other brands and products through sponsorships and affiliate marketing. As a travel writer, you can even get invited to press trips or receive travel discounts or freebies on your own personal vacations if you agree to write about your experience. is a site that helps you find seasonal work in different locations across the country. All workers receive free room and board, which significantly lowers the cost of your trip.

26. Hospitality

Open up your space to others by listing your home or spare room on Airbnb or Vrbo. You can create your own listing with your availability and set a nightly rate. Think of hosting with Airbnb as running your own private inn. You’ll need to provide some amenities to guests and design a functional, but welcoming, space.

Depending on your location and other factors, you could earn $500 to $1,000 per month or more by renting out your home.


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