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Are you tired of the mundane 9-5 job? Just looking for a little side-hustle?

If so, keep reading.

One perk of becoming a brand ambassador is you’ll have tons of flexibility.

Simply put, a brand ambassador is someone who is hired to represent a brand and promote brand awareness.


Sounds fun, but what does a brand ambassador actually do!?

Your main objective as a brand ambassador is to create a fun and memorable experience for consumers. If you are a brand ambassador at events you may:

  • Set up and run the event
  • Give away swag or free samples
  • Let people test or try new products
  • Communicate face-to-face with consumers
  • Answer consumer questions

If you aren’t attending events, you’ll probably have some social media responsibilities like:

  • Posting on personal social media accounts and personal blog by linking to the brand
  • Posting photos of the products
  • Educating customers
  • Increase visibility for the brand
  • Develop a strong following
  • Use brand hashtags
  • Tag photos

Note: You do not need to have 20,000 followers to be a successful brand ambassador. However, in order for word-of-mouth marketing to be successful, you want to reach as many people as possible across social media platforms. So yeah, it kinda helps.


How much money can I make?

Depending on the job, sometimes you may not get paid as a brand ambassador, but you will receive free product to use or wear and then write reviews.

Most agency jobs you find pay hourly, but you should ask before accepting a job!

Otherwise, as a brand ambassador you can expect to get paid anywhere from $15-$25/hour. Not bad, eh?

You’d think that such a fun and flexible job couldn’t possibly pay well, but you can easily make a full-time living from it; you just have to know how. Which leads me to…



Will I work full-time, part-time, or temporary?

The beauty of this job is that it can be whatever you want it to be! The key is racking up multiple gigs.

To do this, you will need to sign up with multiple agencies and be actively looking for gig after gig.

You pick how you work, where you work, and when you work. This is far from your typical 9-5 corporate job.

With that being said, a huge downside is that income from a single gig may not always be consistent. Some jobs may be temporary for an event or for a weekend, so find multiple opportunities that will help keep the income flowing.


Check out my favorite agencies that hire Brand Ambassadors.

TIP: You can search “Brand Ambassador” on job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Craigslist. Also, join “Brand Ambassadors of (your city)” Facebook group.



Extra tidbits you should know…

For the most part, jobs are fairly easy and can be fun. Remember, you won’t be staring at a computer screen in your cubicle all day. Plus, most of the time you will receive free product!

You are on your feet most of the time and talking about the brand, but for many, this is the perk of not working a corporate job.

Side note: If you work through an agency, there can be a delay in payment. The brand pays the agency first, then the agency will pay you. Make sure to always read your contract.


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