In my neighborhood, along with the usual assortment of dogs and cats, a number of families keep chickens. My neighbors also have three outdoor turtles that roam the premises, chowing down on grass and other prime edibles. But my favorite house is the one with the goats. Needless to say, this family doesn't have to pay for lawn mowing services—it comes free with the goats!

Recently I learned that Amazon has begun to rent out goats for this very same reason (as well as an ever-growing number of other equally useful services), and it’s brilliant!

One of Amazon’s goats-for-rent.

Amazon Home Services 101

Because this is a new division for Amazon, not every rental or service package is available in every geographic area as of yet (services in black are available in your area; services in grey are yet to come).

  • The services menu includes: Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Automotive, Lessons, Computer & Electronics, and Other Services (goat grazing, etc.)
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Once a service is available, you just add it to your cart, like you would for any other Amazon item. You can then define the details of what you need, and you won't have to pay until the service has been provided in full.

Many services also come with discounts and perks, such as free Amazon gift cards when you purchase a certain number of rental hours. You can also read service reviews from other Amazon customers before you rent.

Each service is backed by Amazon's "Happiness Guarantee." Included with your guarantee is the ability to file a claim (for a fix or a full refund) and the ability to submit a price matching request if you find a lower price elsewhere.

If you don't find the exact service you need within the existing menu, you can submit a custom request and get a quote back within 24 hours.

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How to rent Amazon services

All services professionals Amazon uses are heavily pre-screened. Amazon requires each professional to go through a 6-point criminal background check, a thorough business background check, and ongoing customer service ratings. As well, all pros must maintain appropriate insurance and trade licenses.

So you can feel confident renting services through Amazon. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, you need to select the category, then the sub-category (for instance, Home Improvement, Home Cleaning).
  • Next, you will be prompted to define what you need (for instance, number of hours, type of cleaning products used).
  • Finally, you will receive an email within 1 business day from the pro scheduled to clean your house. You can respond to the email with directions, special instructions or requests.
  • Once the service is completed and you are satisfied, you can then submit payment.

How to rent your services on Amazon

If you own or work for a business that provides any of the services Amazon rentals offers, you can apply to rent your services on Amazon. This could be a great way to expand your business and also help Amazon expand services in your local geographic area!

Save with Amazon Home Services

Amazon has built in a number of ways to save by opting to use their rental services over seeking your own providers locally.

Save time

Some of the savings you will realize are through sheer time spent—using Amazon cuts down on the time you have to spend doing your own research and gathering referrals.

Save money

And some of the savings are financial—through Amazon's price matching guarantee, Happiness Guarantee, and frequent promotions.

Types of savings you can expect:

  • Amazon's price matching guarantee offers you a price match up to 30 days after your service has been completed and paid for.
  • Amazon does the up-front work of verifying that each professional has current insurance, licensing, and high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Amazon requires their pros in each local area to bid against one another for your business.
  • Amazon will handle any problems or claim issues you have through its Happiness Guarantee so you don't have to pursue a provider on your own if the need arises.
  • Amazon often runs promotions to discount its rental services still further (example: Amazon is currently running a "Get $30 off 2 hours of house cleaning services" promotion which gives you a $15 Amazon e-gift card for every hour of services you book).


How to Rent a Goat from Amazon