I’ll start with the low-hanging fruit. You don’t pay a membership fee to enjoy Jet’s free two-day shipping, unlike the other guy. <ahem>

Whether or not Jet can actually threaten Amazon remains to be seen, but in the meantime, you and I can sure enjoy the savings Jet offers.

Check it out:


1. Get items like household supplies and food cheaper than Amazon.

Seriously. The list of items you can find cheaper on Jet is sizeable.

This should teach you one thing: Never assume Amazon is cheaper. If you’re doing online shopping, run your list by Jet first to make sure you’re getting the best deal.


2. Buy in bulk and watch prices drop on all your items.

When you buy items that say “Add this to make prices drop,” you’re essentially getting bulk pricing the more you buy. For example, if I add two packs of toilet paper to my cart, I might get a $0.06 discount on each item. But if I add another pack, I may get a $0.26 discount on each item.

Jet keeps shipping costs down by grouping bulk items, or even grouping like-items together in one box. They offer an incentive to buy items together that they can save money to ship. Then they return the savings to you.


3. Request a price match from Jet when Amazon is cheaper.

Even if Amazon is cheaper, you can always ask Jet to give you Amazon’s price.

To get a price match, your item must be identical to the item on Amazon and it must be sold and fulfilled by Amazon. Place your order with Jet first and the price difference is applied in credits to your Jet account to use on future purchases.

Next, open a live chat to give a Jet rep the URL for the item and they’ll give you the credits.


4. Get 10% cash back when you shop Jet through Ibotta.

Open up the Ibotta app and click through to Jet so you can save an extra 10% on your total purchase.

You can save on Amazon through Ibotta too, but at most it’s only a 5% savings and it’s not a blanket savings across the entire site — it’s divided up by department.

Also, Ebates offers 4% back on Jet purchases if you’re more of an Ebates loyalist.



5. Find discounts up to $100 on select Apple products.

Apple is notoriously stingy on the sales. But that doesn’t mean Apple discounts don’t exist.

Jet recently launched lowered prices on quite a few popular Apple products. For example, you can find a Series 1 Apple watch for $149.99 (regular price $249.00). This is the lowest price we see on Series 1 and it competes with Kohl’s and Walmart in price.

Jet also sells iPads for a competitive price ($249.00 for 5th generation).


6. Shipping is free if you spend at least $35. (Plus, free returns.)

Like Amazon, you can get free shipping if you spend $35 or more before applying any discounts. Items are marked with 2-Day Delivery if they are “everyday essentials” and offer guaranteed 2-Day Delivery.

Anything else is guaranteed to arrive within 2-5 days. Also, in order to receive your item within the two-day timeframe, you need to order by 2pm two days prior.

Returns are always free. If you don’t meet the $35 free-shipping minimum, you’ll pay a flat $5.99 shipping rate.


7. Get “Uniquely J” — Jet’s grocery brand — items like K-Cups and toilet paper at stock-up prices.

Uniquely J coffee K-Cups run about $0.37 per cup, which is a six-month stock-up price for K-Cups. No coupons needed! The coffee itself has rave reviews.

Uniquely J toilet paper sells for $0.01/sq. ft. — anything under $0.02/sq. ft. is worth stocking up on!

You can find coffee, cleaning supplies, sauces and oils, snacks, food storage and paper products under the Uniquely J label.


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8. Opt out of free returns on some products and get a discount.

Jet builds the cost of a potential return into their prices, so at checkout if you know you won’t return something, opt out of returns.

The opt out is located at the end of the buying process, right before you click “Place Order.” If you don’t see it, that means it’s not offered on your item.

If you opt out of returns but end up wanting to return the item, you still can. You’ll pay a fee of $5.99 + 5% the cost of your item.


9. Choose to receive your package a day later and get a discount.

You’ll see a drop-down menu when you are checking out. If you don’t need your package in two days, you can choose to save a little extra.

Savings don’t usually exceed $1.00, and $0.25 or less is more likely, but there’s no shame in pinching these pennies!



10. “Deal” means the item is at least 10% cheaper than Jet normally sells it for.

You’ll see the word “Deal” attached to some items while you’re shopping on Jet. This can mean a discount of 10-30% before promo codes or additional savings, based on prices on that item in the past 90 days.

If an item is new to Jet and hasn’t been available for a full 90 days, “Deal” will indicate if it’s at least 10% less than manufacturer pricing.


11. Earn up to $500 in “JetCash” when you refer a friend.

JetCash is just like it sounds — money you can spend on Jet like cash.

When you refer a friend to Jet, they’ll get $10 off their first order and you’ll get JetCash to spend on your next order. You’ll get $10 in JetCash for the first 1-5 friends who sign up using your referral link and make a purchase over $50. You’ll get $12 per friend for friends 6-10 and from your 11th friend and on, you’ll get $15 per referral up to a total of $500 in JetCash.

I see no reason why you can’t become a Jet side-hustler and make a cool $500.


12. Go straight to the Deals & Promos page to see all discounted items.

If you go to the “Deals & Promos” page, you can see which items are at least 10% off in one glance. Jet is kind enough to put a percentage savings next to the items, but keep in mind these percentages are based on their own prices, not on retail prices.

This isn’t bad, it’s just something to keep in mind.


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