The world runs on technology. Laptops, supercomputers, smartphones. People who can’t type almost can’t communicate, study or get a job.

The average typing speed for an adult in a professional environment is 36 words per minute. Improving typing speed to 60 words a minute will save hours during the week and help employees and students be more efficient.  Even if technology equals only fun, have that fun faster on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Your rise to Internet stardom could start here:

Typing Tests

  • Typing Test: If you're going to work on your typing skills, it's a good idea to know where you are starting. Take a free online Typing Test. The site provides a passage to retype under time pressure. It measures typing speed and accuracy compared to other users. Click here and then click on the red "Start" button to take Typing Test’s free test. Retake the test every couple of weeks to track progress.
  • Typing Speed Monitor: Traditional speed tests such as the one offered by Typing Test do not test your typing speed in real-life situations. Test your typing skills using normal web browsing and word processing activities, and download the free Typing Speed Monitor application. The software provides statistics on typing speed, accuracy, and volume. Caution: it only works with the Google Chrome web browser. Download the browser here.

Typing Games

  • TypeRacer: If you feed off a little healthy competition, check out TypeRacer. This free site features a multi-player game pitting users from all over the world against each other typing quotes from books and movies. TypeRacer is available in 50 language. It's more fun, and possibly even more addictive, than Angry Birds!
  • Typing Adventure Game: This free game is a fun way for adults and kids to practice typing skills. The game features a character leaping from stepping stone to stepping stone. Each stepping stone has a letter in it. To move along the path, type the letter of the upcoming stone you want to leap to. You can earn points for accuracy and speed. To play this game, click here to view the game's homepage and then click on the "Start" button. While this game may be a bit juvenile and monotonous for adults, it's sure to provide educational entertainment for kids.

  • TyperShark: To play this free game, type the words that appear on the sharks and other bitey fish before they reach the scuba diver on the far left end of your screen. After each round, the game will score you for typing speed and accuracy. I find that if I play this game with the theme song from Jaws in the background, my typing speed dramatically increases. Click here to check it out.

Typing Tutorials

  • Good Typing: This free online class provides 27 guided lessons to teach beginners. The course is web-based and there is nothing to download. The course also offers lessons for 20 different styles of keyboards (i.e. U.S style, Japanese style). Click here to register for free.
  • TypingWeb: TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. It offers typing games, typing tests, and a free official typing certification. It is also web-based. The site provides instant feedback after each lesson. Click here to get started.
Quick and QWERTY: Free Online Resources to Improve Typing