It seems gas is one of those necessities that we, as consumers, have little control over—cost-wise, that is. If you drive a vehicle, you need gas, and if you’re like me, I’ll search around for the gas station with the lowest prices. By doing that, I’m given a little power over what I have to pay, but not much. There are a few additional ways we can save, and one way is by choosing how we pay for gas. To fuel up with rewards, or not? The answer is obvious, and Shell has a great offer. Shell’s new Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) card can be used at participating Shell gas stations where I can receive 3 cents off per gallon all the time! Yeah, I know…3 cents doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but as couponers, we understand that every penny counts when you’re trying to save money.

The rewards

You can sign up for the free FRN card online at or at participating Shell gas stations.When you go to fill up, just swipe your FRN card to drop your price per gallon prior to swiping your payment card. You can earn more rewards when you shop through the FRN-linked website and when you link your Mastercard for points when you eat at restaurants, go to the movies and grocery shop. When shopping online, click through the FRN website to their linked retailers to save $.05/ gallon for every $50 purchased through their site.

Get deeper discounts with Mastercard

Mastercard users can link their credit or debit card to their FRN account and save even more on gas! For every $100 you spend on groceries, you get $.03/gallon off.  Through the end of March 2014, FRN is offering an additional $.05/gallon discount on groceries, so you can earn up to $.08/gallon with every $100 spent. Also through the end of March 2014, you can save $.05/gallon for every $100 you spend on health and fitness purchases, including gym membership fees. You can also receive $.05/gallon off for every $100 you spend on dining and movie theater purchases. FRN runs promotions frequently, so even if you miss these promotions they’ll have another one come along.

Grocery store rewards

In addition to the $.03/gallon grocery discount for every $100 spent, participating grocery stores offer promotions for further gas rewards. Here are some grocery stores that participate with the Fuel Rewards Network:

Shop Your Way Rewards members can link their rewards card to their FRN card, too.

The Fuel Rewards Network website also has eCoupons that link through the participating grocery stores' rewards cards to give you further gas savings. These eCoupons won’t take any money off your total at the store, but if you buy the eCoupon item you get an additional $.05/gallon off per eCoupon.

Cumulative rewards

The best part of the Fuel Rewards Network card is that the rewards are cumulative. The discounts coming from groceries, restaurants, movies, coupons, and online shopping stack up to make for deep discounts. FRN members save an average of $.23 per gallon, but you can earn up to $1.50 off—now that’s a lot! You have to redeem your discount all at once, so if you want to save your rewards, you can track them on the FRN website. Happy saving!

This is a guest post by Alice.


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