As a (freakishly) busy mom, if I can get my hands on just one trick to make my household run more efficiently, I’m a happier camper.

Which is why I have to share with my fellow moms my favorite shopping hacks for all our most frequented stores like Target, Walmart, Old Navy, The Children’s Place and more.

Get ready to have more time and money (and happy) left after grocery, clothing and household shopping trips!


1. Let Walmart shop for you and bring groceries to your car — for free.

There are two things that have seriously changed my mom life: One is my Roomba. The other is free grocery pickup.

Just place an online order for whatever you need from Walmart (not just groceries — anything in the store) and pick it up curbside a few hours later, or the next day depending on availability.

That means your toddler can keep napping in the back seat while a nice grocer comes out to load your trunk.

The first time I experienced this, I admittedly cried happy tears of joy.


2. Get free diapers — once those run out, save up to 20% using Amazon Subscribe & Save.

I’ve found 12 ways to get free diapers. After you run out of the freebies, use Amazon Subscribe & Save to save up to 20% on every diaper order.

Plus, I have plenty more ways for you to save hundreds on baby items.

Saving money while not leaving the house? That’s called winning at life.


3. Only shop The Children’s Place during Place Cash promotions.

I’ve hacked The Children’s Place Cash system and figured out how and when you can get high-value clothing items at prices lower than Walmart.

I got $75 worth of kids’ clothing for around $9 by shopping during Place Cash promotions and using my Place Cash at the right time in the sale cycle.

And you can too.



4. Visit stores that offer free childcare while you shop.

Most Kroger stores (including QFC, Smith’s and Fred Meyer) offer up to an hour of free childcare for ages 2-6. They’ll even page you over the store intercom if the kiddo needs a diaper change.

Potty-trained kids between 4-10 years old can be dropped off at IKEA’s Smäland for up to one hour for free.


5. Sign up for at least one rebate app — I recommend Ibotta.

Rebate apps have become extremely popular because they make it so easy to earn cash back after making a purchase. You typically just have to snap a picture of your receipt to collect the cash!

My favorite is Ibotta. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can easily earn $0.25 to $5.00 cash back on items you’re already buying like milk, fresh produce, eggs, bread, wine, beer — the list goes on.

They also offer rebates and percentage-off promotions from popular retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon.


6. Download Target’s app and get a REDCard to save up to 33.5%.

Target’s app is loaded with rebates and coupons that are well worth the free download.

You’ll often get up to 30% off already clearanced apparel for the whole family, 10-20% off shoes, and up to $2.00 off a large collection of food items.

Pair the app discounts with your REDCard (it’s a debit card, not a credit card) for another 5% off your total purchase, plus free two-day shipping.


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7. Shop Old Navy on Sunday and Monday (and let Honey find coupon codes).

New markdowns happen every Sunday but may not be complete until Monday.

So, if you’re looking for a popular size, get there on Sunday for the best on-sale size selection. If you aren’t worried about missing your size, wait until Monday to make sure the store employees have had enough time to accurately price each sale item throughout the store.

Prefer online shopping? Download the Honey widget on your browser. It’ll automatically try every available promo code on your order until it finds the best deal.

Also, sign up for emails at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. The codes are often good at any of the three stores.


8. Collect free baby bottles, formula, bags, shampoo, food, toys and more.

I love rounding up baby freebies so you can score big.

Check the baby freebie list to collect all the baby items you can before purchasing anything on your list.

TIP: These freebies also work well for baby shower gifts — so collect the goods and start a gift stockpile.


9. Know which discount stores offer the best prices.

Buy kitchen gadgets at T.J.Maxx, shoes at Ross, furniture at Big Lots, video games at Family Dollar, and formalwear at Burlington.

Each discount chain offers a winning selection and price range for different items. I’ve done the research for you.


10. Use coupons at the Dollar Tree to get free food, medicine and school supplies.

Did you know the Dollar Tree has about 167 name brand items on its shelves?

Use name brand manufacturer coupons on KCL’s list of items you should always buy at the Dollar Tree to get them free, like Jimmy Dean sausage, Vicks medicine, and Newman’s Own organic salad dressing.

Keep an eye on KCL’s Dollar Tree page for the best current deals.


11. Save up to 60% on your most expensive grocery items by knowing where to shop.

Use your Target app to get meat 50% off. Buy generic baby formula from Sam’s Club to save up to $450 per year.

Save up to 60% on laundry detergent at drugstores by stacking loyalty points, Ibotta rebates, coupons, and sale prices.

Addicted to saving yet? Get the full list and instructions on how to get the best price on all your most expensive items here.


12. Shop Costco for some unbeatable savings on things like coconut oil and roasted chickens.

Rest assured you’re getting the best price on these items and more (check out the other top 100 deals at Costco).

But here’s a shock, Costco lovers! There are nine items you should skip when shopping at Costco.

For example, skip printer ink and get it from Amazon instead, and buy razors from CVS or Target (check KCL’s razor coupons page first).

TIP: Cancel your Costco membership unless you spend at least $50 there every month. I’ll tell you why.


13. Get compensated when your Amazon packages are late — thanks to Paribus.

Once you sign up for Paribus, if a Prime package, guaranteed to arrive on a certain date, shows up late, they’ll help you get in touch with Amazon to get compensated.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


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