Starbucks is back up to full steam after being somewhat shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, and to celebrate, they’re handing out freebies this summer.

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But in the meantime, check this out:


New Starbucks Rewards members get 150 stars, enough for a free drink.

Now through Aug. 10, Starbucks is giving brand-new Rewards program members 150 stars — which will get you a free regular-size drink — for joining and downloading the Starbucks app.

You also get a free reward on your birthday.

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The 150 stars may be used for other Starbucks freebies.

Since every dollar spent at Starbucks gets you 2 stars, the 150 stars is worth $7.50! You don’t have to use the 150 stars on a free drink. Instead, you could:

  • Get 6 drink customizations (substitutions, additives), 25 stars each
  • Get 3 “drip coffees” or hot teas, 50 stars each
  • Get 3 bakery items (like croissants), 50 stars each
  • Get a breakfast sandwich or oatmeal, 150 stars
  • Hang on to your 150 points to save up for a sandwich/protein box/salad (200 stars), or select merchandise (400 stars)



All Rewards members can get BOGO drinks on June 18.

New and existing Starbucks Rewards members can get buy-one-get-one-free grande or larger beverages between 2 and 7 PM on Thursday, June 18 — the first Starbucks Happy Hour in like, forever.

You can get the deal either by placing an order through the Starbucks website or app, or by having a Starbucks barista scan your mobile app in person.


Keep earning points with every Starbucks purchase.

Text “Rewards” to 811811 to earn stars for bags of coffee you purchase in a grocery store. You’ll receive a reply asking you to submit a picture of your grocery receipt. Once it’s processed, Starbucks will add points to your Rewards account.

Make sure you do this within 60 days of your purchase!

Also look out for Double Stars days, when Starbucks doubles the number of points you accumulate in the Rewards program.

Otherwise, make sure you scan a gift card registered to your Rewards account every time you order from Starbucks to get 2 stars for every dollar spent.


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