There’s no shortage of deals during the holidays. But how can you make sure you’re getting the best of the best?

We’ve got you covered:


1. Get extra coupons by abandoning your online shopping cart.

As holiday shopping season gets into full swing, don’t be too hasty to click the “buy” button. If you’re not in a hurry, abandoning your cart for a few days can trigger additional valuable discounts.

Many retailers, including Macy’, Birchbox, JCPenney, Shutterfly, and Williams-Sonoma, will prod you to seal the deal on your purchase with an extra coupon in your inbox. The key to securing a coupon lies in filling your virtual cart while logged in to an account, so the retailer can connect your abandoned cart with an email address.

After one to three days, chances are high that you’ll get an email incentivizing you to finalize your purchase with either a percentage off, free shipping, or a dollar discount.

Don’t be fooled into biting on the first email, though. Many retailers will send out an additional one or two emails over the next few days, with increasingly juicy incentives.


2. Use the Wikibuy Chrome extension for an automatic deal-checker.

Look, it happens to all of us. You find that perfect gift — and it seems like a great deal — so you joyfully click the “buy now” button.

But was there a better deal out there? We all get purchase-happy sometimes. Which is why Wikibuy exists. The free Chrome extension will show up anytime you make a purchase on Amazon, Groupon, Target, Kohl’s, Ebay, and hundreds of other big retailers across the web. You’ll automatically see whether you’re getting a good price — or whether, and where, a better price exists.

Wikibuy also tracks the price history on items you’ve viewed, making it easy to see if that jacket you’ve been eyeing suddenly dips in price.

Wikibuy compensates us when you install Wikibuy using the links provided.


3. Chat with an online customer service rep to ask for a coupon code.

If you can’t find a coupon or deal for one of the must-haves on your holiday shopping list, just remember the old saying, “It never hurts to ask.”

Virtual agents are often given special discount codes and coupons to offer up when asked — especially during the holiday shopping season.

Just click to chat with a virtual agent, and ask a specific question or two about the product to show your sales potential. Then politely inquire whether any coupons or discount codes are available to purchase the item. You might get a no sometimes, but you’d be surprised by how often the answer is yes!


4. Set a reminder to shop Free Shipping Day on Friday, Dec. 15.

As holiday shopping gets down to the wire, don’t assume you’ll have to settle for crazy shipping rates. Free Shipping Day is an unofficial holiday in which more than 1,000 online retailers offer free shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

Check out the full list of participating stores.

For 2017, Free Shipping Day falls on Friday, December 15. Set a reminder in your phone, circle the date on your calendar in red, and follow The Krazy Coupon Lady (you’d better believe we’ll remind you!)



5. Opt in for retailers’ text alerts, emails, and push notifications.

In 2016, shoppers who had signed up for Kohls’ text and email alerts received an exclusive coupon that knocked the price of a KitchenAid way down.

Competition for your dollar is fiercer than ever during the holiday season, and retailers are often willing to reward you handsomely for opting in to text alerts, emails, and push notifications with exclusive discounts and coupons.

All of these retailers are notorious for sending out exclusive coupons via text.


6. Follow KCL for 24/7, up-to-the-minute coverage of hot deals.

Even the savviest of shoppers knows the value of a good wing-woman (“you take that aisle, I’ll take this one. BREAK!”) And when it comes to getting the best deals this holiday shopping season, think of The Krazy Coupon Lady as your ultimate wing-woman.

We’re on 24/7 deal watch, which means that following and bookmarking our Facebook, Twitter, and 2017 Hack the Holidays page are your best bet for finding the best deals as soon as they hit the holiday shopping scene.

No bots here. Just deal-hungry, seasoned couponing experts scouring the web and beyond, so you don’t have to.


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7. Use ShopSavvy to instantly compare prices at more than 40,000 stores.

Never again experience the existential crisis of adding an item to your shopping cart, unsure whether you’re really getting the best deal out there.

With the ShopSavvy app, you can scan an item’s barcode or search for any product to see whether you’re getting the absolute lowest price.

You can also create watch lists, wish lists, and shopping lists with gifts you’re interested in buying to see price updates and new deals over time.

Case in point? Blendtec is sold on Amazon for $419.95. But when I searched for it on ShopSavvy, I found out that Bed Bath & Beyond has the same model available for just $399.99.


8. Buy holiday lights and decorations the day after Christmas.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is, hands down, the best time to find insanely low prices on lights, holiday decor, candy, artificial trees, and wrapping paper.

Expect to see progressive discounts of 50-90% on non-food items and 50-70% on food items at all major retailers, from December 26 through the end of the year.

In 2016, Walmart discounted all holiday merchandise 50% off the day after Christmas, including select LEGO sets and Barbies! Rite Aid followed suit, slashing deals on in-stock Christmas toys, electronics, and household goods. By December 27, Target had discounted all non-food Christmas items, including many beauty sets, to 70% off.

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