Online prices are sometimes WAY better than prices in-store.

We’ve already told you about retailers who match their competitor’s prices, and now here’s a list of retailers who will give you their online price in-store.

You’ll get your item faster and avoid paying for shipping at these stores:


1. Walmart

To get a price match you have to pull up the website on the spot because screenshots or printouts won’t do the trick.

Walmart also won’t price match from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. They will match the price of something that’s on sale, but you can’t use an online coupon code for an in-store purchase.


2. Home Depot

While Home Depot will match their online prices, they won’t beat them by 10% like they will with their competitors.

Just stop by the customer service desk to get your price adjustment.


3. Target

Target will price match at purchase or within 14 days following your purchase (excluding Thanksgiving Day through the end of that week).

There are some exclusions though, like: Target won’t price match clearance or closeout items. And you can’t use Cartwheel offers or coupons or any other promotion with your price-match.

The name of the game here is figuring out if you can get the item cheaper with coupons and Cartwheel offers or by asking for the online price.

KCL puts together Target deals all the time, if you download the KCL app, we can help you figure out the best prices.

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4. Lowe’s

Just like their competitor Home Depot, Lowe’s will match their own online and promotional prices, but won’t beat them by 10%.

5. Best Buy

Best Buy is super accommodating with their price-matching policy.

If you spy a lower price on their website, just say the word and they will look it up and give you the discount. No proof needed. Plus, Best Buy honors online promotions too!



6. Toys “R” Us

If you’re at Toys “R” Us or Babies “R” Us and you see a lower price online at or, the stores will price match their online price.
Just request your price match at the register or within 7 days after your purchase by visiting Customer Service in-store.
Any coupons or promotions you plan to use on your purchase will be applied before the price match. If the online price is still better, the store will give you that price.


7. Macy’s

Macy’s stores will match online prices in-store. You can show them the online deal using your smartphone, or they will look it up for you.

Note that Macy’s will give you percentage-off promos offered online (and you just have to say the promo code word like “VOTE” to get an additional 10% off if that’s the promo you’re price-matching.)

But Macy’s will NOT accept a coupon — like $20 off a $100 purchase — that’s offered online.


8. Sears

Talk to a sales associate at Sears and show proof of the price to claim it.

Only items listed as Sold by Sears or Sold by Kmart are eligible. There are exclusions like “Online Only” events, items marked with an “Online Price”, or “Online Only Special Offers” on the Sears website.

Sears won’t price match any “Marketplace” items or any items sold by Sears Outlet or


9. Kohl’s

While Kohl’s won’t honor promotional deals (like online promo codes that give you a discount), they will match regular prices if you show the website price on your phone or print it out.

All you have to do is show it to any cashier or customer service agent and they’ll take care of you.


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10. ACE Hardware

In general, ACE is known for price-matching their website.

But each ACE Hardware is independently owned and operated, so there’s not a solid corporate policy on price matching. Ask your local store manager to find out if they will honor the online prices in-store.



11. Nordstrom

Nordstrom = amazing customer service, and price matching is no exception.

Show an employee the product and price you want matched, and they’ll give it to you. Also, Nordy’s will match a percentage-off promotions, but they won’t accept a coupon for a dollar-off amount (like $20 off $100 purchase).


12. Gap

If you find a cheaper price on an item online, Gap will give you the price in-store.

Unfortunately, they won’t price match online promotions. So if the website is having a 40% off sale, you can’t get the same deal in a retail location.


13. BJ’s

BJ’s policy is a little bit unique in that they won’t discount an item to make it match the website price, but they will refund the difference in the form of a gift card. They will do the same with promotions if there isn’t more than a $25 difference between the store and website.


14. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond says their objective is to give you the best price, so you can either use price matching, or a 20%-off coupon. You can do one or the other, but not both. Typically, they will give you whichever is the best discount for you.



15. Staples

Ask a cashier to look up the website price. If it’s lower than the store price, they’ll give you the lowest price. You also have 14 days to request a price match if the online price drops.


16. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s is pretty specific about what they will and won’t honor. They WILL honor a match on sale prices, but they WON’T honor promotions including rebates, coupons, free items, closeouts, limited-quantities, or prices that are a percentage or dollar amount discount.


17. PetSmart

PetSmart will match their prices on all items except clearance or closeouts. Just show proof to an associate.


18. Office Depot

A little proof is all you need to get a matching price from site to store. Show evidence of a lower price online, even if it’s a sale or promotional item, and if the product is carried in-store, you can snag it for a discount. You can also use coupons with your price-match.


19. Big Lots

Like many of these other retailers, Big Lots will match the online price when you offer proof — just pull it up on your smartphone. Note that Big Lots won’t price match “online exclusives” in-store.

Tip: Store policies differ on whether you can get the price adjusted in a regular checkout line, or have to go to Customer Service to make it happen. When in doubt, ask an employee, or head straight to guest services.


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19 Retailers That Will Match Their Online Prices In-Store